Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Muellermas Live

Things he says:

1) He won't talk about the origin of the investigation, citing DOJ guidance.

2) Admits his aide, AAron Zebley, was responsible for day to day management of the Special Counsel team.

3) He's not familiar with the "Steele Report."

4) He "can't"  (see #1) answer whether the Mysterious Mr. Mifsud is Russian or western intelligence (even though his report expressively calls him a Russian agent). I assume that means he was a western actor. He also refused to say why he did not charge Mifsud with lying to the FBI, although his report said that Mifsud lied, or misled the FBI at least 3 times.

Linked by EBL in Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66: Fool On The Hill. It took me a second to get the joke.

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