Sunday, July 21, 2019

Over My Pampered Ass

Soon enough they’ll merge the old “only use 2 sheets of TP” with “and it has to be harsh!” From the link we learn this is a campaign of the NRDC against super soft Charmin, and is all about the following petition
As a consumer concerned about our environment, I was upset to learn that Charmin toilet paper is still being sourced from 100 percent virgin trees, many of them from Canada’s boreal forest. It’s appalling that no recycled material is used to make Charmin.
Not only does the Canadian boreal forest store vast amounts of carbon, it’s also home to hundreds of Indigenous communities and to the iconic boreal caribou.
It’s unconscionable that majestic, old-growth trees are being cut down to make a product that’s used once, then flushed down the toilet.

Procter & Gamble has the power to change this destructive paradigm on a massive scale by reducing the virgin pulp content in its products and increasing the use of recycled materials. P&G should also involve Indigenous communities in sourcing decisions, act to protect caribou habitat, and take other important steps toward sustainability.
Please move quickly to ensure that your products don’t come at the cost of this globally important ecosystem.

Because if they don’t the “disposal and decomposition emits additional carbon”. Remember the days when Leftists wanted government “out of our bedrooms”? Now they want in every part of our homes, including our bathrooms. If they want to use recycled crappy scratchy rough TP, they are welcome to do so. Otherwise, mind your own beeswax.
Really, most of those trees are replanted. Loggers don’t want to run out of product, but, these Warmists are nuts.
But feel free to use old sticks if you want.

The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: Victoria Baldessara and on time and within budget at The Other McCain.

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