Tuesday, July 30, 2019

July 30, 2019 Beach Report

Temperatures were heading to the middle and upper 80s when Skye and I headed off to the beach this morning.
Whew! that's better! The water is pretty brown; we seem to be on the verge of a red tide of some sort.

There were lots of crabs in the shallow waters. This shows a pair of "doublers", a male crab clutching a female getting ready to molt, so it can mate while it's soft.  I think the hypoxic water must up pretty close to the shore. Somebody with a net could get a bucket full pretty easy.
A pair of boats working slowly in the shallows, but not crabbers.
Clam dredgers. The "ramp" down is a conveyor bolt with a screen, and the hose shoots water into the sediment on the bottom, to break it up, and allow the belt to carry clams and any other big hard things up to the fisherman. I wonder if they got any big sharks teeth.

I've seen plenty of clam dredgers before, but never working there. They both left to go back across and north while we were walking back down the beach.
Skye took advantage of a pool in the stream near Matoaka Cottages to cool off before the long walk home.

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