Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Reason #6396 that Trump was Elected

Ace: Barr Eliminates a Commonly Faked Claim for Asylum, That One Is Being "Harassed by Gangs"
Pretty much anyone could say this and there's never any evidence for it -- so the government would have trouble disproving it, even if anyone was trying to disprove it.

This is simply not "political persecution," even if genuine.
Attorney General William Barr ruled Monday that being a member of a family harassed by gangs is not enough to qualify for asylum.
In a ruling that will likely block a large number of immigrants from lodging successful asylum claims moving forward, Barr overturned a previous decision made by Board of Immigration Appeals, which found that being a member of family targeted by gangs or other criminal organizations could qualify them as a “particular social group” worthy of U.S. asylum.
Note how the Washington Post won't even tell you what the change is before making it clear they disapprove:  Immigration lawyers say Justice Dept. ruling could undercut thousands of asylum cases
A ruling from the U.S. attorney general could upend the asylum claims of thousands of Central Americans and other asylum seekers who say they deserve protection in the United States because they belong to families that are victims of drug cartels or other criminals in their homelands.

The nation’s top prosecutor, Attorney General William P. Barr, issued the ruling Monday, partially reversing a 2017 Board of Immigration Appeals decision in the asylum case of a Mexican national who said a drug cartel targeted him and his family. Barr said that just because members of ordinary families fall victim to “private criminal activity” does not mean they can claim asylum protections in the United States on that basis.

Federal law allows immigrants to claim asylum based on a fear of persecution in their homelands because of their race, religion, nationality, political opinions or membership in a “particular social group,” which for years has included families targeted by gangs, drug cartels or others.
If fear of drug and gang violence were a legitimate reason for asylum, much of the population of Baltimore, as well as most other major US population centers would be justified in seeking refuge in Canada, not that Canada doesn't have it's own gang violence problems.

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