Sunday, July 14, 2019

Local Knuckleheads in the News

From Stacy McCain, ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ Sparks Outrage in St. Mary’s County, Maryland
A small town in southern Maryland is in the middle of a controversy after the local library hosted a “Drag Queen Story Hour” featuring a D.C.-area man who apparently operates a gay escort business.
Todd Musick (left) as drag queen ‘Stormy Vain’ (right)

Todd Musick, who uses the stage name “Stormy Vain” for his drag performances, owns “Eroticasy,” based in Temple Hills, Maryland, in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. According to a shocking report by the parents-rights group Mass Resistance, Musick’s business offers a variety of services, including gay male escorts whose online profiles describe their sexual specialties in graphic detail. Parents in largely rural St. Mary’s County this week demanded that the county commission “do something” after learning that Musick performed, along with Nicholas Hebb (“Angelica Lize”) during a “Drag Queen Story Hour” at the public library in Lexington Park (population 11,626):
On June 23, a “Drag Queen Story Hour” took place at the nearby Lexington Park Public Library, where homosexual men dressed as garish women read LGBT-affirming story books to young children ages 3-8. They also conducted a “drag queen makeup tutorial” for “tweens and teens” – children 9-19 years old. Their stated goal: “To capture their imagination and give kids positive and unabashedly queer, role models.”
The event at the public library was organized by the Southern Maryland Area Secular Humanists, a radical anti-family atheist group that often targets young people with sexuality events, and PFLAG — a national LGBT group targeting youth. The public is repeatedly told that Drag Queens are “role models” for children and have important lessons to teach young people.
Identifying St. Mary's County as "predominantly rural" is true, but misses the point that it is home to one of the country's largest naval bases, Patuxent River Naval Air Station, which dominates the population and businesses of the Lexington Park area, bringing with a larger town sort of atmosphere. Including . . .
Library officials and the event organizers at first refused to identify the “Drag Queen Story Hour” performers, but after a local newspaper named them, Georgia Kijesky, a local mother of four, contacted Mass Resistance researcher Tracy Shannon, who described her discovery:
Stormy Vain runs a sex-oriented business under the banner of Stormy’s Angels of Entertainment and Eroticasy. His more questionable business offerings include: nude maid services, nude maintenance service, nude handymen, nude personal trainers, nude hair styling, strippers for parties and 1-on-1 sessions, male escorts/companions, sex toys, X-rated candies, and “much more” . . .
Clearly, Stormy Vain’s Twitter feed shows that this drag queen business goes beyond promoting strippers, nude handymen, nude maids, and homosexual escorts. Some of his posts imply these people can be paid for sex. Sure enough, if you click into the profiles of the naked homosexual men that he hires out for various services, they are prostitutes. Stormy Vain is essentially a drag madame.
Speaking to a Tuesday meeting of the St. Mary’s County County Commission, Kijesky said: “We elected you . . . to protect our children. Please do something about this immediately. Enough is enough.” Although Maryland is a liberal state, St. Mary’s County is staunchly conservative, giving 58% of its vote to Donald Trump in 2016 and voting by more than a 3-to-1 margin for Republican Gov. Larry Hogan in 2018.
I do know of one couple who took their kids down to this event. He's the evangelical atheist on Facebook who's even more annoying than the born-agains.

Hey, those kids aren't going to just recruit themselves!

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