Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Balmer Sun Proposes Pennsylvania Suit

Sue Pennsylvania? Maryland editorial on Pa.'s efforts to clean up Chesapeake Bay draws governor’s fire
Pennsylvania has been criticized by a variety of parties for not pulling its weight in the long-term effort to clean up the Chesapeake Bay, but a new Baltimore Sun editorial seems to have stepped on a nerve.

In an opinion piece published Monday, the newspaper from the land of fine crabcakes said it may be time for other Chesapeake stakeholders to sic the lawyers on Pennsylvania’s state government to bring more urgency to efforts to control damaging runoff from farms and city streets.

Bad idea, said Wolf’s Press Secretary, J.J. Abbott.

"Unlike Maryland, Pennsylvania doesn’t benefit from the millions generated by tourism on the Chesapeake Bay. If any entity in Maryland is interested in diverting funds to Pennsylvania to bolster the governor’s efforts, he would gladly accept them.

"A lawsuit would just take resources from efforts to solve the broader problem.”
Exactly the point I've been making. Pennsylvania has very little intrinsic reason to spend a lot of money to clean the Bay; they don't share very many of the benefits. Redistribute the tourist dollars, and maybe they'd see it the other way.

I'm trying to think of a Maryland problem that we can export of Pennsylvania, but they already have most of them. The Beltway maybe?

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