Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Yes, Deer

Skye and I were walking down to the beach yesterday when we came upon this little fawn browsing along the roadside. It let us walk up within a short distance before taking notice of us.
When it finally did appear to take notice, it took a few tentative steps toward us. However, when we took a few steps, it got concerned and took off. Hope it found it's mother quickly.
The famous Marsh Swamp Rose  Mallow, growing by the harbor.
 An Eastern Tiger Swallowtail flits over Skye as she wades into the Bay to cool off. Not that it's much help, the Bay is about 80 F.
 A Red Spotted Purple puddles on the beach.
The end of the line. We chose not to force our way past this spot where a a piece of the cliff came down recently, and made it a tough climb to get past.
A Great Blue Heron fishing off one of the groins.
 A Spicebush Swallowtail on the beach
By the time we were leaving, only a few people had come down to the beach

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