Monday, July 15, 2019

A Little Smidgen of Russiagate

Not much coming out of the weekend, mostly via Sundance at the Conservative Tree House.

For example, Devin Nunes Has a Warning for AG Bill Barr: Without Prosecutions None “will trust the FBI or DOJ for generations”…
HPSCI ranking member Devin Nunes has a deliberate warning to U.S. Attorney Bill Barr, and the Department of Justice should take it very seriously.

In a 30 minute podcast interview last week [Listen Here] Representative Nunes rightly warns of massive political consequences if Justice Department officials don’t face jail time for their conduct during the Russia investigation. I strongly urge everyone to listen to the podcast.

[Podcast Interview Here]
No one should ever really trust the DOJ or FBI. As much as we need law enforcement, we need to be wary of their power. Not everybody has the morals of Peter Parker. The text of the post also pretty concisely lays out the timeline of spygate.

Sunday Talks: Devin Nunes Discusses Upcoming Mueller Testimony…

Sundance also uses this post to lay out what I would call his "Unified Brennan Theory" of Spygate.

Also, Sunday Talks – Senator Lindsey Graham Discusses Immigration Enforcement, Upcoming Mueller Testimony and Iran… The Mueller stuff doesn't come in until near the end.

Finally, OAN on Pres. Trump Retweets Report Mueller Deleted Strzok, Page Text Messages

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