Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Giselle's Husband Bombed in Boston for Dad Bod

Tom Brady Being Called Out Of Shape After Photo Appears Online
New England Patriots QB Tom Brady remains at the top of the football world despite entering his 40s. He’s coming off a season in which he made his seventh Super Bowl appearance and threw for over 4,500 yards with the third-highest completion percentage (66.3) of his career. Yet, when a photo surfaced of him shirtless online this week, his accomplishments didn’t shield him from Internet users calling him out of shape.

Hat tip to Ann Althouse for Body-shaming Tom Brady. But seriously, who cares what Tom Brady looks like in the off season? It's his performance during the season that counts. Now, Giselle, on the other hand, gets paid for her looks:

Wombat-socho has "Rule 5 Tuesday Weld" ready and waiting.

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  1. I don't follow football and don't have a dog in this hunt, and frankly do not give a shit. That said Tom Brady is paid for his reflexes, his eye/hand coordination and most of all, for his experience.