Saturday, July 21, 2018

Reason #5950 That Trump Was Elected

WaPo Basically Admits That Mexico Is A S***Hole Country
. . . To their credit, the WaPo’s editors begin by admitting that we do, in fact, have a refugee crisis on our hands. They go one step further, admitting that the Obama administration was “flummoxed” by the unending flow of families and unaccompanied children trying to flee Central and South America and enter the United States, particularly in 2014. But they are dismissive of the one solution being put forward by the Trump administration which might actually make a difference. We’ve had a “safe third country” agreement with Canada since 2004. Under that plan, migrants are to apply for asylum in the first “safe” country they reach. So why can’t we have a similar deal with Mexico? Because, at least in the opinion of the Washington Post’s editors, Mexico is too much of a craphole nation to offer them any safety. (Emphasis added)
In 2002, the United States and Canada secured a similar arrangement, known as a “safe third country” agreement. It has worked because Canada is, in fact, a safe third country: Migrants who apply for asylum there are secure, and their cases are fairly adjudicated.
By contrast, Mexico is patently unsuitable as a place of refuge for most migrants, especially those from Central America, who suffer exploitation, violence and sexual assault almost routinely as they make their way north. In a recent report, Doctors Without Borders noted that two-thirds of Guatemalan, Salvadoran and Honduran migrants in Mexico have reported being victims of violence; almost a third of migrant women there had been sexually assaulted. Twelve of the world’s 50 most violent cities are in Mexico. Forcing refugees to seek sanctuary in Mexico would thrust tens of thousands of them into a country with weak law enforcement, a flimsy judicial system, an anemic asylum process and predatory criminal gangs.
I’m sorry, but isn’t that sort of… racist? The Washington Post is declaring that we can’t tell migrants to apply for asylum in Mexico because so many of them “suffer exploitation, violence and sexual assault” in that nation. Wait… are you saying that Mexico is full of rapists? And if you’re quoting statistics saying that 12 of the 50 most violent cities in the world are in Mexico, that their law enforcement system is “weak,” their courts are “flimsy” and it’s full of gangs, it kind of sounds like you’re describing a real ****hole nation to me. I thought people who said things like that were, by definition, racists. At least I’m sure I read that somewhere.

One other claim in the editorial deserves attention. The editors want to make sure that you know this isn’t an argument in favor of open borders. Perish the thought!
A dear friend of mine was a graduate student from Mexico. He once told me how sad he thought it was that Mexico, once equal to the United States in resources and power (his words, not mine) had fallen behind due to the corruption of it's rulers.

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