Thursday, July 26, 2018

Here It Comes

As the result of recent rains (we had 4.75 inches a few days ago) , the Susquehanna River is flooding, and the Conowingo Dam has opened as many as 20 floodgates to deal with the flow, threating Port Deposit, a small Maryland town immediately downstream: Conowingo Dam officials open 20 gates

Officials with the town of Port Deposit said Conowingo Dam opened 20 gates Thursday.

Bainbridge Elementary has been opened for flood evacuees, Cecil County officials said.

Peak river flow should crest at 2 a.m and no more than 25 gates are expected to open, Conowingo officials said.

Officials ask anyone who needs to move their vehicle to park along Center Street on Route 276. They remind residents not to leave any valuables in their vehicle and to lock the doors.

Due to high river flows along the Susquehanna River and flooding in the town of Port Deposit, Delmarva Power may be required to shut off electric service to some homes and businesses to maintain a safe environment for customers and the local community.

Electric service will not be restored until Delmarva Power can assure the safety of the electric service and all required safety inspections are completed.

Artesian Water is urging Port Deposit customers to limit water use during the flood emergency.

If 26 gates open, there would be a voluntary evacuation, officials said. The emergency evacuation center will open at that time, officials said. Anyone without transportation is asked to report to Town Hall for a shuttle to the evacuation center or call Town Hall at 410-378-2121. Staff members are available at Town Hall to provide updated information.
Needless to say, the floodwaters are not exactly clean, and now that the pool behind the dam is essentially full of sediment, the Bay will receive a full shot of Pennsylvania (and New York) mud. It will probably take a few more days for the trash washed over the dam, and the mud to reach our area.

And more rain is in the pipeline.

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