Sunday, July 8, 2018

More Revealing Russiagate

Do you need anymore evidence that something was seriously wrong at the FBI during the Clinton and Trumps investigations of 2016? Say, did you know that Peter Strzok flunked his polygraph and still retained a lead role in these investigations? Sundance at CTH: Yes, It’s True: Peter Strzok Failed His Polygraph Yet Retained Security Clearance and Position on Two Investigations…
Yes, FBI Agent Peter Strzok failed his polygraph and his supervisors were notified on January 16th, 2016, his results were “out of scope“. Meaning he failed his polygraph test. Yet he was never removed from any responsibilities; and against dept policy, he did not have his clearance revoked until he could clear.

This was discussed during the Rosenstein testimony and overlooked by most. WATCH:

Now, polygraphs aren't fool proof, far from it, but the fact that the FBI conducts them routinely suggests they believe them enough to make employment decisions based on them. At the very least, they should have checked him more thoroughly at that point.  John Solomon at da Hill: Memos detail FBI’s ‘Hurry the F up pressure’ to probe Trump campaign from Strzok.  Also from Sundance at CTH: Apparently the FBI Withheld Strzok and Page Memos/Emails From Inspector General and Congress – Until Now…
Well, this is interesting. The substance of the latest information is better read by reviewing the presentation of John Solomon [SEE HERE].

The dynamic that catches my interest is how some unknown and unnamed officials inside the FBI apparently kept memos and emails between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok hidden while Inspector General Michael Horowitz was conducting his prior investigation into their conduct during the Clinton email investigation:
[…] Memos the FBI is now producing to the Department of Justice (DOJ) inspector general and multiple Senate and House committees offer what sources involved in the production, review or investigation describe to me as “damning” or “troubling” evidence.
They show Strzok and his counterintelligence team rushing in the fall of 2016 to find “derogatory” information from informants or a “pretext” to accelerate the probe and get a surveillance warrant on figures tied to the future president. (read more)
 The truth keeps dribbling out.

MSNBC lifts Shifting Strategy, Trump’s Lawyers Set New Conditions for Mueller Interview from the New York Times.
The special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, needs to prove before Mr. Trump would agree to an interview that he has evidence that Mr. Trump committed a crime and that his testimony is essential to completing the investigation, said Rudolph W. Giuliani, the president’s lead lawyer in the case. His declaration was the latest sign that the president’s lawyers, who long cooperated quietly with the inquiry even as their client attacked it, have shifted to an openly combative stance.

Mr. Giuliani acknowledged that Mr. Mueller was unlikely to agree to the interview demands. Mr. Mueller could subpoena Mr. Trump to answer questions if he does not agree to voluntarily sit for an interview. Mr. Giuliani left open the possibility that the president, who has said in the past that he would be eager to sit down with the special counsel, would still agree to be interviewed.

Mr. Giuliani appeared to be in part trying to shift responsibility onto the special counsel for the lengthy negotiations over an interview — and was most likely prolonging them himself. “If they can come to us and show us the basis and that it’s legitimate and that they have uncovered something, we can go from there and assess their objectivity,” Mr. Giuliani said in an interview. He urged the special counsel to wrap up his inquiry and write an investigative report. He said Mr. Trump’s lawyers planned to write their own summary of the case.
I still say Trump needs to interview Mueller, with Mueller under oath. It's pretty clear Mueller would like the President to step into his perjury trap, with the threat of carrying out the investigation throughout Trump's 8 year term as bait.

This may be understating it: Trump lawyers call Comey ‘Machiavellian’ in note to Mueller.

Manafort wants trial moved to Roanoke. Yes, a major issue facing Republicans accused of crimes in the D.C. and New York Metro areas. Confront it head on, and try Democrats in Utah for a change. I don't think this will fly, but then it's a grounds for appeal.
Attorneys for Paul Manafort asked a federal judge to move his fast-approaching criminal bank and tax fraud trial from Alexandria to Roanoke, Virginia, saying a more Republican-friendly jury would decide his guilt or innocence more fairly.

The president's former campaign chairman's prosecution has "become theatre in the continuing controversy" surrounding the president and his election, defense attorney's argue, and as a result, "It is difficult, if not impossible, to divorce the issues in this case from the political views of potential jurors."

"It is not a stretch to expect that voters who supported Secretary Clinton would be predisposed against Mr. Manafort or that voters who supported President Donald Trump would be less inclined toward the Special Counsel," attorneys Kevin Downing, Thomas Zehnle and Jay Nanavati wrote in a 10-page motion to change venue.
Ronn Blitzer at Law and Crime: Why the Heck is Paul Manafort Being Kept in Solitary Confinement? Well, certainly his safety is an issue, but I'm sure Mueller is trying to make his pre-trial detainment as onerous as possible to encourage him to make up shit about Trump.

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  1. Things are better here in Utah, Unfortunately we're going to put another McPain in the senate.