Sunday, July 29, 2018

The Weekend Beach Report

We've had pretty good weather for July in slower Maryland. Low 80s yesterday, and high 70s today, with a decent breeze. Low tide was in the mornings to we started early (I like to think a low, but rising tide is best for tooth hunting).
We walked a long way up past Matoaka, to the open beach between Matoaka and Western Shores. Georgia swears, and I think she's right, that that long log to the right swapped ends during recent storms.
The good weather had a lot of people out on the beach, a surprising number of them also hunting for fossils.
Georgia found this "Mako" (probably a White Shark) on the high tide line, well above the surf.
 A Red Admiral stopped by to sip some of the water draining off the cliff.
An assortment of teeth (and one crab claw) from yesterday. The long one in the middle is a Sand Tiger Shark tooth.  This isn't the whole story, we had 33 teeth yesterday and 21 today, mostly small to very small.

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