Thursday, July 26, 2018

A Sad Loss for Femen

"The 31-year-old Ukrainian was found on Monday with a suicide note next to her body, according to Femen activists," The Guardian reports.
Operating under the slogan “I came, I stripped, I won”, Femen quickly drew attention around the world with its bare-breasted demonstrations against sexism. Their protests also challenged authoritarianism and racism, with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, a particular target, along with France’s far-right Front National party....
In 2011, Femen said Shachko was among three members “kidnapped” by security agents and forced to strip naked in a forest after staging a topless protest mocking the Belarussian president, Alexander Lukashenko. The agents poured oil over the three women, threatened to set them on fire, and cut off their hair, Femen said. Shachko was abducted again by unknown assailants during a visit by Putin to Ukraine, according to the group....
I love to make fun of Femen (and post pictures of the their protests), but this is sad. Femen has hit a wide variety of targets, including Vladamir Putin, Donald Trump, the Pope, Heidi Klum,  the pro-Russian Ukrainian government, Davos, Turkey, and sexism in Islam to name just a few. One average, their targets were mock worthy, and if they failed to make a difference, they didn't fail to make an impression.

If the Mirror is to be believed, she was depressed and had a history of prior suicide attempts, so perhaps we needn't leap to the conclusion that Vlad Putin or The Donald, or any of her other targets, arranged to have her offed.
Oksana Shachko, 31, who had been suffering from depression for some time, was found in the French capital city of Paris.

It was reportedly her third suicide attempt.

She was credited with starting the topless protests against the sexual exploitation of women which made FEMEN notorious around the world.
It probably didn't help that she was a bat-shit crazy feminist too. Crazy people are dangerous, to themselves and others.

Some highlights from her career, the way she wanted to be seen:

Wombat-socho has "Rule 5 Tuesday Weld" ready and waiting.

The last may be just a bit morbid:

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