Saturday, July 28, 2018

Rule 5 Saturday - Pam Anderson Warns About Modern Sex

This week's Rule 5 post inspired by Pamela Anderson  who answers your DMs about sex and love:
" It’s a dangerous time for good sex. We must do all we can to keep human connections – we are stronger in pairs. Maybe have this conversation with him as a caring friend. And look for love and a great lover who isn’t afraid somewhere else."
Look, she's a philosopher! Who knew?
Like you, I like to show how sexy I am, but I’m tired of receiving unsolicited dick pics from men in my DMs. How do I make idiots understand that I ain’t looking for their attention?

Pamela Anderson: Block and delete.
Is Pam Anderson better known as a Playboy model, the sex tape she and her husband, Tommy Lee made and leaked, or for playing the part of C.J. Parker on the original Baywatch? Who cares?
Oh alright, it's not like she's shy (NSFW).

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