Thursday, July 19, 2018

Sex Crimes Update

Aliea Rose Brown, aka Albert Allen Brown
Stacy McCain catches the news of a transgender crime: Sex Offender Goes Transgender, Moves in With Family, Rapes 15-Year-Old Girl
In November, 28-year-old “Aliea” Brown was sentenced to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to felony rape of a 15-year-old girl. It was not the first time Brown had been charged with such a crime. In 2005, when Albert Brown was 16, he was convicted as a juvenile for raping a 10-year-old girl and registered as a sex offender. Brown later began identifying as female, and moved in with a woman with a teenage daughter:
Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office began investigating reports that a 15-year-old girl was having a sexual relationship with Brown.
Brown told a detective that she had become “like sisters” with the teenage girl and her mom, who Brown was staying with at the time.
Initially denying having a romantic relationship with the girl, Brown eventually admitted that they were in a relationship and that she had consent from the girl’s parents to date her.
Brown admitted to having sex with the girl multiple times. “I know it’s illegal,” she reportedly told a detective.
The detective spoke with the girl, who also initially denied having a relationship with Brown. But when the detective told the girl what Brown had divulged, she became emotional and admitted the two had been sexually involved, also saying she believed it was OK as long as she had parental consent.
The girl’s mother talked to investigators, saying she consented to her daughter’s relationship with Brown. She said she researched online and believed it was OK for Brown and the teenage girl to be in a romantic relationship as long as they had parental permission. She said she knew Brown was a sex offender.
The mother, who lived in Belgrade, was later charged with felony accountability for sexual intercourse without consent for allowing the relationship. She was also charged with felony custodial interference.
As part of a plea agreement, in March the mother pleaded guilty to misdemeanor counts of endangering the welfare of children and obstructing a public servant. She received a six-month suspended sentence and was ordered to complete 20 hours of community service.
So, 10 years in prison for the transgender pedophile, but just a couple of misdemeanors for the mom who approved of this “relationship.”

By law, sex with a 15-year-old is rape in most states. The law stipulates that persons below the statutory age cannot legally consent. It is obvious that many teenagers begin having sex before the age of consent, which varies from state to state, but the law is the law and, in general, parents are grateful for this legal protection of their children.

That a mother would go online to research whether it was legal for her 15-year-old daughter to have sex with a 28-year-old sex offender, and then approve of this crime, is rather mind-boggling. What is perhaps even more mind-boggling is that being an active accomplice to a felony would merit only a suspended sentence. They were “like sisters.” Ick.
Well if you look at enough people, you will find some really strange stuff.  But for mother of the year (and proof that heterosexuals can commit their crimes without the aid of transgenders (who afterall, are a tiny fraction of the populace), how about Worst Mother Ever?

Azzie Watson

You’ll have a hard time finding a mother worse than this:
A Kansas City-area woman has been charged with letting men rape her 2-year-old daughter.
Twenty-five-year-old Azzie Watson, of Independence, was charged Tuesday with child abuse and endangerment. Bond is set at $75,000. No attorney is listed for her in online court records.
WDAF-TV reports that court documents say Watson’s boyfriend recorded Watson talking about repeatedly taking her daughter to a house where her daughter was raped about five times. She says on the recording that she watched.
Police were given the recording last month while responding to a rape report at a hospital. Court documents say Watson told detectives that what she said in the recording was a lie because she was scared of her boyfriend. Watson also said she didn’t know how her daughter contracted a sexually transmitted disease.
How about we go with worst mother of the year. No need to challenge the gods to produce worst.

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