Thursday, July 26, 2018

Some DIY Russiagate

Just can't get through the whole thing this morning, and, beside's it's all clogged with Cohen and tape follies. Find your own wheat in the chaff:

Gregg Jarrett: Comey and Strzok -- Two key players in the scheme to clear Clinton and frame Trump | Fox News
The Big Picture on the Carter Page FISA
Sen. Burr: Sound reasons supported approval of Page FISA warrant | Power Line
Rep. Devin Nunes, House intel committee want its Russia hacking report declassified - Washington Times
Proof Positive: The Genesis of Leaks: Schiff Happens
Trump allies weigh last-ditch bid to punish Rosenstein - POLITICO
Pew poll: GOP sours on the FBI - NBC News
Trump Puts the Deep State on Notice | Frontpage Mag
Brennan, Hayden and Clapper Deserve to Lose Security Clearances – at a Minimum | Trending
House GOP members introduce articles of impeachment against Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein
Late Night With In The Mailbox: 07.24.18 : The Other McCain
JustOneMinute: Show Me The Money
Exclusive: Lanny Davis says "there's more to come" on Trump-Cohen tape - Axios
Michael Cohen Releases Secretly-Recorded Trump Tape; His Lawyer Lanny Davis Threatens That He's Ready to Talk, Whatever That Means
The Trump-Cohen Tape: Much Ado About Nothing - Victory Girls Blog
Chris Cuomo Punked: Broke Big Trump Tape Scoop, But Michael Cohen Secretly Taped Cuomo Too
In The Mailbox: 07.25.18 : The Other McCain
Andrew Napolitano: This Trump-Cohen tape is evidence of civil fraud
Burn, the tape: Did Trump commit a crime in Cohen-recorded convo?
The Last Tradition: Dershowitz says tapes show 'no crime,' as Trump rips Cohen in Playboy model story claim
The Issue Raised By Cohen’s Trump Tape | Power Line
Trump hits Michael Cohen: What kind of a lawyer would tape a client? | Daily Mail Online
National Enquirer’s Yearslong Dealings With Trump Lawyer Fall Under Federal Scrutiny - WSJ
Michael Cohen recorded call about Stormy Daniels payment with news anchor - Hot Air
Ace of Spades HQThe Morning Rant
Once a 'punching bag,' Cohen takes a swing at Trump - SFGate
CNN: The Oppo Research Arm of the Democratic Party | Power Line
The Left Finds Its Alger HissThe American Spectator
Butina defense: Show us the evidence that she offered sex for access

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