Saturday, July 7, 2018

Just the Right Ration of Russiagate

Watching this, I’m torn between two reactions.

Reaction one is perfectly expressed by Logan Dobson: “if you needed another reminder of how thick the DC bubble is, three *JEOPARDY CONTESTANTS*, competing in America’s foremost trivia contest, couldn’t come up with Michael Flynn’s name.” Indeed. These people are on television vying for cash prizes because they’ve demonstrated an unusual mastery of arcane facts, yet one of the showcase convictions in Bob Mueller’s Russiagate investigation is too arcane even for them. Any one of the three could probably rattle off the Latin names of every type of tomato but ask them about the probe that’s supposedly going to lead to Trump’s impeachment and they’re deer in the headlights. This is the proof that POTUS is politically untouchable. And CNN is worried about it!

Reaction two: These people are imbeciles. You could forgive them if they had completely blanked or if they had said “McMaster” or “Bolton” but, asked to name a Trump NSA, the best they could do was John Kelly and … Seb Gorka. National security advisor isn’t an obscure post to anyone with a passing interest in how the federal government operates. Whatever their proficiency with tomatoes, each has a glaring hole in their knowledge of top government officials that even casual blog readers don’t. Whiffing on the Flynn question was probably just a freak thing, a matter of pure chance that the show would pit three people with the same blind spot in their knowledge base against each other and then cough up a question targeting that precise blind spot. It says nothing about public interest in Russiagate!
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