Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

Ellen Santana vs. Aline Uva
Catfight breaks out at Miss BumBum contest over fake butt accusation
This year’s Miss BumBum competition ended in a shambles after contestants resorted to violence on stage following cheating allegations. The fight was sparked by one contestant accusing the other of having a surgically enhanced derriere.
Ellen Santana
That's like a pro football player taking steroids and crystal meth during the games!
The eye-popping scenes unfolded Monday shortly after Ellen Santana was crowned Miss BumBum 2018. The 31-year-old model and dancer was representing the northern Brazilian state of Rondônia in the competition. But moments after she was declared the winner, she was physically stripped of her winner’s sash by fellow contestant Aline Uva from Rio Grande Do Sul, in the south of Brazil.
Aline Uva

Uva, a 27-year-old massage therapist, was heard shouting that the competition was a farce and claiming that the winner’s butt was surgically enhanced.She added: “I fulfilled all the rules of the game, my butt is real, but her butt is plastic!” “Miss BumBum is a farce. Today I could prove all this.”

Organizers of the annual competition were forced to intervene to calm the frantic scene and ensure the winner’s sash was handed back to Santana.

I have a suggestion. Give prizes for the Miss BumBum Brunette, Miss BumBum Blonde and Miss BumBum Ginger. Better yet, make them all winners! It works in kids soccer.
The televised competition has 27 contestants who represent the country’s different states, with 15 women making it to the finals. The winner receives 50,000 Brazilian Reals (about $13,300) in endorsement deals and instantly becomes a celebrity in Brazil.
 A trifle! Hardly worth fighting for.
This year’s competition saw the inclusion of two trans women for the first time, although this wasn’t accepted by all the participants. Paula Oliveira, 27, said her rivals were just afraid to lose to someone born a man. She told The Sun: “I’m not offended by what they said, because it’s clear they want me out because I’ve got a much sexier a–.” “They are feeling threatened because they are seeing a trans who is more beautiful than them.”
I can't see a transwoman without surgical modification (let alone hormonal enhancement) having the primary qualification. More Miss BumBum's bums here.

This week the Wombat has returned, along with "Late NIght With Rule 5 Sunday: Nurse! Nurse!" (gic) and FMJRA 2.0: Back In The Saddle.

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