Saturday, November 10, 2018

Rule 5 Saturday - Marco Polo's Olivia Cheng

This week's Rule 5 lovely is Olivia Cheng:
Cheng was born in Edmonton, Alberta to Cantonese-speaking immigrant parents,  who were part of a co-founding group of Chinese parents that created the Edmonton Mandarin Bilingual program within the city’s public school system. Her father worked in software and her mother was a health aide. 

Cheng enrolled in her first acting class at age six, and at age 19 she booked her first commercial. She attended NAIT’s Radio and Television Arts program the following year. After finishing school, she became a videographer for Global TV Lethbridge, before moving back to Edmonton to work as a broadcast and print journalist. She went on to freelance as a correspondent for ET Canada.
She has a pretty extensive list of movia and TV credits.

In 2014, Cheng landed a role in Netflix’s series Marco Polo, produced by The Weinstein Company. It is a lavish television drama, one of the most expensive ever produced, about Marco Polo’s journey as he travels from his home in Venice to the court of Kublai Khan, where he finds himself in the middle of a war in 13th-century China. Cheng portrays Mei Lin, a concubine and assassin, the sister of Jia Sidao. Cheng joked in an December 2014 interview that owing to her frequent nude scenes in Marco Polo that she would not be watching the series with her parents, saying: "That would be so uncomfortable. I think if I did, the only benefit would be that I would fast-forward through my scenes and just give them the Cliffs Notes… I would just be like, ‘Here’s what happens. Next scene".  (NSFW links)
We were sad when Marco Polo failed to reappear.

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