Friday, November 23, 2018

Buffy Seeks to Regain Fighting Trim, Gets Bitten

By SJW's and old ladies. Althouse: Let's be thankful for shaming the Thanksgiving fat-shamer Sarah Michelle Gellar.
The actress apologized for this, which actually really is pretty awful:

I should be clear about what I personally find awful about Gellar's photo and caption. She just doesn't look happy. She looks like someone who's trying to look good for somebody else and is getting no pleasure from it herself. And she's wearing "pleasure" clothes. But she's wearing them for somebody else, not herself, apparently. It's sad. The expression on her face reminds me of Bender in "Breakfast Club." That's not joy, though she's at her rock-bottom low weight.
And as often happens, the best comment comes from "Laslo Spatula":
I was curious how long ago the picture was taken.

A bit of a Google search, and the answer: a December 2007 issue of Maxim magazine.

So: her Thanksgiving warning to herself is a 'sexy' photo of herself from eleven years ago.

As in: by not overeating today I will again attain the body I had in a more youthful time.

The body that I, at the time, never expected to age, because the world was mine and I was In The Moment.

Everyone: remember when the world was mine and I was In The Moment?

Remember when this was Me?

I'm still Her.

It feels sad to me.
So, yes it's an old picture of Sarah, a Rule 5 winner back in 2011. A picture from 2018:

Not quite ready to go toe to toe with Spike, perhaps, but not that bad for 41.

Wombat-socho has Rule 5 Sunday: Roll Tide! ready for your enjoyment.

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