Saturday, November 24, 2018

Reason #6967 That Trump Was Elected

Actually, even California says Trump is right about the wildfires
President Trump’s critics are belittling him for not buying the lefty narrative that global warming is to blame for the California wildfires. Instead, Trump points to decades of mistakes by government agencies that caused the woodlands to become overly dense and blanketed with highly flammable dead wood and underbrush.

He’s exactly right.

Just ask California officials. Two months ago, the state legislature enacted a measure that would expedite the removal of dead trees and use “prescribed burns” to thin forests. In other words: the very same reforms that Trump is now being mocked for proposing. The September law followed a Gov. Jerry Brown executive order earlier this year that also called for “controlled fires” to improve forest health.

This scientific approach isn’t easily conveyed in Trump’s preferred mode of communication, the 280-character tweet. But University of California forest expert Yana Valachovic conceded in a Washington Post interview that Trump’s “general sentiment is correct — that we need to manage fuels.” That is, to get rid of dangerous buildups of dead and dying trees.

For a century, forest mismanagement has resulted in huge blazes. And while global warming is the favorite culprit among the PC crowd, history shows that California suffered far bigger fires decades ago. The death toll from the current northern California fire, known as Camp Fire, set the gruesome all-time state record for a single blaze, killing at least 79 so far, with hundreds still missing.
The current death toll is 87, with hundreds still "missing," although the fire is almost totally controlled, at 95% thanks to several inches of rain over the last couple of days. But will the California state government, and the enviro weenies who instituted the policies take an blame? Nope, they'll continue to whine about very minor or even nonexistant "climate change".

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