Saturday, February 1, 2020

Rule 5 Saturday - Kennedy McMann - A Nancy Drew Mystery

One of the solutions to the occasional "show hole" that we have found recently is the CW series "Nancy Drew"
After 18-year-old Nancy Drew's college plans are put on hold, she finds herself involved in a ghostly mystery when she and her four friends are witnesses (and suspects) to a murder, and team up to find the person responsible.
Being CW, it ain't deep, but it is kind of cute, and has a cast of mostly young and attractive actors and actresses. Kennedy McCann plays Nancy:
Kennedy McMann was born on October 30, 1996 in Holland, Michigan and was raised in Mesa, Arizona.
She is the only daughter of two kids born to Lisa McMann and Matt McMann. The family relocated from Michigan to Arizona in 2004.
Nancy in her cute waitress outfit

She graduated from Skyline High School in Mesa, where she was a standout student. She was named student of the month in her senior year and president of the Skyline Performing Arts Club at her school and at the local Valley Youth Theater (VYT). Her performance in Macbeth at VYT won her an AriZoni Award.
The cast also includes:
  • Leah Lewis as Georgia "George" Fan, Nancy's old nemesis from high school and her boss at the local diner, The Bayside Claw
  • Maddison Jaizani as Bess Marvin, a rich city girl with a mysterious past who works as a waitress with Nancy.
  • Alvina August as Det. Karen Hart, an investigator with the Horseshoe Bay police department who is dating Nancy's father Carson
  • Scott Wolf as Carson Drew, a criminal defense attorney and Nancy's widowed father, whose attempts to connect with Nancy since her mother's death have failed
Based on my search, Kennedy needs to take some time off to visit the beach.

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  1. Sadly, I don't watch much television, so I have never seen young Ms. McMann. However, I live right up the road from her place of birth, in Michigan. Small world.