Monday, February 10, 2020

Some Monday Morning Rushedshampeachmentgate

From sundance at CTH, Devin Nunes Optimistic AG Bill Barr Will Get to the Bottom of C.H., Spygate, Mueller, Impeachment Hoaxes…

I'm not. See sundance's next post, Jessie K Liu Senate Confirmation Hearing This Week – Thursday 10:00am… The Deep State has a deep bench. From Da Caller, Graham: Vindman Should Be Questioned About Connections To The Whistleblower. If only for the sake of history. A long, wandering interview with VDH from ET, Victor Davis Hanson on Hubris, Nemesis in the Deep State, well worth the time.

From Juliegrace Brufke on Da Hill, Republicans sense momentum after impeachment win; GOP raises $117 million during Trump’s impeachment (McClatchyDC). David Brooks? at Breitbart, Democrats ‘Paid a Political Price’ for Impeachment and that hurts his widdle feewings.

Dan Gainor at Fox, Anti-Trump media have a meltdown after president responds to impeachment acquittal, but refuses to take blame as Sen. Susan Collins is getting death threats after impeachment acquittal (AP).
Matt Vespa at Town Hall, The Story Mitt Romney Should Have Read Before He Betrayed the GOP on Impeachment
All of this came from a whistleblower report drafted by a reported CIA agent, who is also a registered Democrat and someone who had worked with a 2020 candidate. This person reportedly contacted Rep. Adam Schiff’s (D-CA) staff. Schiff knows this person and prepared to weaponize its contents before the complaint was formally filed. Yeah, this isn’t collusion at all, right? This doesn’t sound deep state-y at all, right? It’s the core piece that truly undercuts this whole circus. It was never about law and order, institutional integrity, etc. it was about the 2016 election. It was about the Left’s hatred of Trump. It’s a story that maybe Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) should have focused on instead of betraying the party by voting to convict Trump on the nonsensical abuse of power charge. To make matter worse, we have this reported story of the whistleblower overheard discussing how to take Trump out with another national security staffer back in 2017. Now, before we get into this, we probably know who the whistleblower is—you’ve all heard his name—but we won’t publish it here. It still has yet to be confirmed, but it’s a bit moot now that we’ve won this impeachment fight. Paul Sperry and Real Clear Investigations have this person’s name on their reports, however. That should suffice. The point is this alleged story should have at least sparked Romney’s curiosity into whether this whole thing was a partisan clown show. It was a partisan clown show—but Mitt fell for the Democrats’ appallingly transparent political moves with this impeachment push. And now he’s the biggest dunce on the Hill. Everyone, even the most ardent liberals, knew what this was all about, Mitt. Helen Keller could’ve figured this out as well . . .
From Mediaite, ‘Loser!’ ‘Full of It!’ ‘Are You STOO-pid?!’: Jeanine Pirro Unleashes Epic, Vitriolic Rant on Mitt Romney for His Vote to Remove Trump
“The first United States senator in American history to vote to convict the president of his own party, Mitt Romney,” Pirro pointed out. “The sole and only Republican to vote to convict President Trump. How dare he?! How could he?! And why would he?!”

“He took a stand he thought would impress others. It did. Many on the loony left defended him saying his vote was ‘very patriotic,'” Pirro explained, with obvious sarcasm and air quotes around the last two words. “Yes, he endeared himself to the Trump-hating left, the radicals not interested in the America First agenda. Those all about power not truth. So why? Mitt says his strong faith is the reason and that God demanded it of me.”

“Do you ever wonder why people who never mention God or religion only bring it up when they get caught doing something or when they need an excuse for something they did?” Pirro said. “Kind of like Nancy Pelosi, who so hates Donald Trump, that she almost has a conniption when she tries to get us to believe that she prays for him every day and does not hate him,” she added, more sarcasm dripping from her voice.

“Who do these people think they’re fooling! What a bunch of phonys! I can’t wait to hear what they are going tell St. Peter when they get there,” Pirro said. “But let me move on from his religious to his secular reason.”
From Da Lid, Trump’s Defense Team Offers Nancy Pelosi Some Fancy Souvenir Acquittal Pens a master class troller. WROV, WV, WV Sen. Joe Manchin, President Trump feud on Twitter, and nobody twits better than the Donald.
From Da Caller, House Managers Claim Trump Wasn’t Acquitted Because Senate Impeachment Trial Was Unfair. Pure projection.

Sundance at CTH has an interesting series of posts on Ukraine, corruption, Biden and Giuliani, Rudy Giuliani Discusses the Evidence of Corruption The DOJ and Congress are Intentionally Ignoring….

Rudy Giuliani Lays Out Biden’s Ukraine Money Laundering Schemes – The Senate Ignores…. and Lindsey Graham Outlines Deep State Defense – Ukraine Corruption is Likely Russian Propaganda…

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