Sunday, February 9, 2020

Another Shampeachment Sunday

A very slow day by recent standards. Let's open these proceedings with the newest chapter in Alexander (and Yevgeny) Vindman's careers. Wapoo this morning, ‘Not just chilling but frightening’: Inside Vindman’s ouster amid fears of further retaliation by Trump. Buried at least 20 paragraphs deep was this nugget:
Alexander Vindman informed his superiors at the NSC and in the Army that he wished to leave his White House job at the next rotation opportunity, which would have meant departing by the end of this month.
Wish granted. Stop pissing and moaning about it. Also from WaPoo, Trump’s quest for revenge could mean the end of whistleblowing. Larry Elder, RCP, Where Was the Love for Whistleblowers During the Obama Administration? That's different, because, shut up!

CNS News, Rep. Scalise: ‘People Ought to Go to Jail; I Have Seen Some Classified Information’
“People ought to go to jail” and, once U.S. Attorney John Durham’s report on the origins of the Trump-Russia probe comes out, Attorney General William Barr should put them there, House Republican Whip Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) said Thursday in an interview on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity.”

Scalise said he has seen classified information leading him to agree with President Donald Trump’s charge Thursday that some “very crooked people” and “dirty cops” were behind the impeachment effort – and the attorney general should “go after those people and put them in jail, Scalise said”:
And speaking of people who ought to go to jail, Scott Johnson at Power Line brings us Deep thoughts by James Comey
If we are to take this at face value and not merely as a signal of his inner truth and greatness, James Comey must be one of the least self-aware men in the annals of mankind. Sundance at CTH has Too Big To Jail?…. A typical long winding sundance post, with lots of review material. We hope they're not too big to jail.

At Da Beast, Democratic Voters Worry Biden Has ‘Too Much Baggage’ After Trump’s Ukraine Smears. Replace "Trump's smears" with "information on Biden's corruption in Ukraine" and they have a point. Tyler O'Neil at PJ Media notes that Mayor Pete Doesn't Get How Nepotism Works in Biden-Burisma Caper. Well, at least we wouldn't need to worry about Mayor Pete's son getting involved with Ukraine. J.E. Dayer, The Lid reports a Bombshell: Fox News Has Briefing Book Impugning Network’s Own Sources On Ukraine. It's kind of inside baseball, but an interesting look into the cooking of the news.

On the Shampeachment (and related affairs), on the front page,WaPoo whines that ‘Tempted to despair’: Trump’s resilience causes Democrats to sound the alarm. As Don Surber writes, WaPo notices the obvious. Sister Toldjah at Red State, Even Chris Wallace Admits President Trump ‘Better off Now’ Than When Impeachment Inquiry Started
Jordain Carney, Senators push for new rules now that Trump impeachment battle is over. Hooray for our side!  Matt Palumbo, Poll: Democrat Voters Suddenly Stop Caring About Impeachment Following Defeat. Funny how that works.

Liz Spiers at WaPoo whines Trump is the ultimate sore winner. Now he’ll seek revenge. When you strike at a king . . .  and as if to rub it in, Trump attorney Jay Sekulow floated for the Supreme Court (WaEx). That would be OK with me.

At WaEx Brad Palumbo thinks that like a stopped watch or a broken tide gauge,  Bill Maher is right about Romney being an unprincipled flip-flopper. Sundance brings us the amazing interview Bill Maher had with Steve Bannon: Steve Bannon -vs- Bill Maher….. Bill objects to Trump calling people evil, by the end of the interview he's calling Bannon evil to his face, but in a good way!

Althouse takes note in Steve Bannon keeps smiling and gets enough of his message out as Bill Maher steps on absolutely everything he says.
I like how Maher trashed Trump for calling people "evil" and then ended the interview by calling Bannon "evil." And then Maher walked over to the table with a panel of guests and where everyone freely denounced Bannon. One of the panelists asserted that what Bannon had just said was "maniacal." So desperate.

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