Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Patuxent River Gets an Unusual Visitor

Unique Striped Mullet Found By Workers In Chesapeake Watershed
Maryland Department of Natural Resources workers found unique fish in the Chesapeake watershed.

A DNR team was electrofishing for blue catfish in Hunting Creek, a tributary of the Patuxent River near Benedict Bridge in Anne Arundel County when they came across a striped mullet.

Although its a coastal fish, it’s not commonly found in the Chesapeake watershed. It’s normally found down South.

I remember mullet runs from my year and a half sojourn to Florida, before I came to Maryland. I learned to cast net for them (though, not very well), use them for live bait for blues, mackerel and jacks, as well as fillet them, smoke them and eat them. Here, let Darcizzle show you:

It would be such a shame if global warming brought this delightful fishery our way.

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