Sunday, February 9, 2020

Sunday 2/09/20 Beach Report

We got an early start this morning on our walk. Ran into an old friend, Spots, just hanging out in the swamp looking for something edible. It's funny, I saw it before Skye knew it was there, but she perked right up when it made a step or two away.
Even though the tide was half in, it was pretty low. It was chilly, but not too windy. That's Georgia up ahead. There weren't very many people out.
Something unusual among the fossils. I don't usually keep random bone shards, but this one caught my eye. I had tentatively guessed turtle, and one of the face book experts has already identified as a piece of  shell, Syllomus aegyptiacus, a sea turtle from the Miocene era. This is the top view, a piece of the ridge down the back.
And the bottom view, showing a place where it connected to the spine.

We also found 17 shark's teeth. Nothing exceptional but at least 5 small but very fresh looking Snaggletooths.
It looks like a huge slab of clay fell off the cliff and smashed another boulder of clay that was sitting there. It must have happened overnight since it didn't look like that yesterday when we went by.  Hopefully there are lots of good fossils in that clay, and they didn't get busted up too badly.

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