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Russiagate - Stone Stoned Today

Well, today is the day Roger Stone gets sentenced for, well, whatever. His real crime being supporting Donald Trump before and after his election. Then the Red Queen, Judge Amy Jackson, will attempt to determine if he actually got a fair trial. She will likely kick it upstairs for that. Da Caller, Judge Will Not Delay Roger Stone’s Sentencing. The Peacock has some propaganda for you, Trump friend Roger Stone is set to be sentenced. Here’s what you need to know and Elizabeth Vaughn at Red State, Justice is Not Blind in the Roger Stone Case; Despite Request for New Trial, Judge Will Proceed with Sentencing on Thursday Ace takes note of Julie Kelly: It's Time for a Law to Make Prosecutors Try Politically-Sensitive Cases Outside of Washington DC and Its Left-Liberal Environs
One major factor in the decision to not charge the plainly guilty Andrew McCabe was the fact that the jury pool was to be taken from a voting pool of 90% Hillary Clinton voters, and 4% Trump voters.
We can no longer permit such two-tiered justice based simply on zip codes.
Which leads directly into the controversies surrounding AG Barr and the REPORT: Attorney General Barr to Quit Over Trump's Tweeting? (Matt Margolis, PJ Media). At Da Wire, Attorney General Barr Responds To Reports On Possible Resignation. Not yet. Sundance at CTH reads WaPoo,  AG Bill Barr Threatens to Quit…
First, the “report” comes from the pathetic beltway crowd of journolist narrative engineers; so there’s likely little-to-no substance to the construct.  However, that said, if Bill Barr is so weak, pathetic and incapable of doing his job, that he needs to threaten to resign if President Trump tweets his opinion, then Barr is in the wrong profession.

…Unless, of course, President Trump’s pressure on Bill Barr is actually forcing the Attorney General to do something the AG is predisposed not to undertake.  Which, given the background history of Bill Barr, is also entirely possible.
Liz Vaughn again, Hell Yes, Barack Obama Fundamentally Transformed the United States of America; Read this Amazing Thread and it ain't pretty.

MSN copies the NYT, Trump Takes Up Call for Barr to ‘Clean House’ at Justice Dept.  Meanwhile, from Am Spec, McCabe Skates as Deep State Lawyers Rally Against Barr. What are they bitching about now? Chip Roy at Da Fed notes the Left Goes Bananas On Barr’s DOJ After Ignoring Far Worse Under Obama. Hypocrisy? Why, I Never!

News Thud finds that  Lindsey and Mitch Defend Bill Barr, Issue Warning To Dems: “Efforts to intimidate Barr will fall woefully short” and Bonchie at Red State, Group Behind That Letter Demanding Bill Barr’s Resignation Is Revealed ,finds Ted Cruz Responds Perfectly
He must have smart staffers.

Stu Cvrk at Red State notes that Spygate: The Criminal Investigation Shifts Focus
The NY Times provided an update last Thursday on what Durham may be up to: “Mr. Durham appears to be pursuing a theory that the C.I.A., under its former director John O. Brennan, had a preconceived notion about Russia or was trying to get to a particular result — and was nefariously trying to keep other agencies from seeing the full picture lest they interfere with that goal.”

During the course of that wide-ranging investigation, he and his investigators have interviewed analysts at multiple US intelligence agencies, including the CIA, FBI, NSA, and others. The investigation also has taken him to Italy (twice), the UK, and elsewhere in order to investigate foreign involvement. In expanding his probe after the Horowitz report on FISA abuse was released in early December last year, Durham requested all of former CIA John Brennan’s electronic communications, phone records, and other documents from the CIA. There are reports/rumors that Durham and his investigators have uncovered a “mountain of evidence” that goes far beyond the original scope of the investigation.

To date, exactly what specific criminal activity and who is involved have not been officially confirmed by DoJ or Durham himself. (That’s a GOOD sign!) There has been much speculation toward that end. Here is some well-informed and thought-provoking speculation as to what is happening from a pal of mine who is very well-connected in the “federal law enforcement community” in Washington, D.C.
and from Da Caller DOJ Taps U.S. Attorney To Oversee Matters That ‘Potentially Relate To Ukraine’, and Jerry Dunleavy at WaEx, Justice Department picks US attorney to oversee all Ukraine investigations. Mark Hemingway, RCP, FBI Raids James Biden-Tied Business leading to Byron York, at Town Hall, Who's Complaining About Investigations Now? Nadler, the NYT and Wapoo, that's who. And from Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.19.20, Legal Insurrection has Maxine Waters Wants AG Barr “Out Of DOJ, Disbarred, Disgraced, & Investigated Funny thing when the shoe is on the other foot.

CNN, Trump names staunch loyalist and current US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell as acting intelligence chief. Sundance, Massive Implications – President Trump Considering “Appointing” Ric Grenell For ODNI Position… "UPDATE: Appointment Confirmed"
Lots to unpack here. Maggie Haberman is warning resistance allies in the Senate to prepare all defensive weapons against a possible Trump appointment of Ric Grenell as Director of the Office of National Intelligence (ODNI).

Grenell currently serves as the U.S. Ambassador to Germany. He can serve as “acting” ODNI, but to become permanent ODNI he would need to survive confirmation railroading by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI), Chairman Richard Burr and Vice Chair Mark Warner. The SSCI is deep swamp and and participated in the coup effort against the office of the president. The SSCI has a vested interest in controlling the ODNI position; hence their prior blocking of Representative John Ratcliffe.
Related: “Lefties are freaking out that a ‘Trump loyalist’ would be appointed to such a high position…But if Grenell were a Democrat they’d be celebrating the elevation of a gay man to such a high position in the administration.”
I'm just going to dump the rest; it's just a bunch of bits:

Report: FBI Handed Over Classified Information To Spy Christopher Steele

Alexander Vindman Is Not Owed an Apology, He's Owed an Investigation

Report: NSC Official May Be Reassigned Amid Rumors She's 'Anonymous'

NSA Whistleblower Petitions Trump for Early Release from Prison

Cicilline: 'I Expect' House Dems Will 'Have Hearings' on Trump Pardons and Commutations

Don Surber: Impeachment was good for the USA

Media Jump on Assange Court Statement – A Pardon for Truthtelling? – UPDATE Rohrabacher Responds… | The Last Refuge

Michael Avenatti swore he could bring down Trump. Instead he plummeted in a heap of ash. - The Washington Post

Bolton: Testimony wouldn't have changed impeachment outcome

The Hill's review of John Solomon's columns on Ukraine | TheHill

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