Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Never Gonna Happen

But maybe they should use this as an excuse to consider where they would cut if they end up having less than they want. Bay Journal, White House targets Chesapeake cleanup funding for 91% cut in 2021 budget
Undeterred by previous rebuffs by Congress, the Trump administration has once again proposed slashing funding for the Chesapeake Bay restoration.

The budget released Monday by the White House would provide $7.3 million to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for the Chesapeake Bay Program in the 2021 fiscal year, which begins Oct. 1. That’s a 91% reduction from this year’s funding for the federal-state effort.

Congress has rejected previous attempts by the Trump administration to cut Bay Program funding.  It’s the fourth time that the Trump administration has proposed slashing the Bay Program. In President Trump’s first year in office, he called for completely eliminating its federal funding. The last two years, he has proposed 90% reductions.

Congress rejected those proposals, and last year actually increased funding to $85 million for fiscal year 2020, up from $73 million in recent years.
WTOP, Foundation calls Trump budget cut ‘an assault on the Chesapeake Bay’
Chesapeake Bay Foundation President Will Baker calls the decision by the Trump administration “an assault on the Chesapeake Bay and clean water.”
Baker said this is the third year the Trump administration has cut funding for the Chesapeake Bay Program.

“The first year he did it, he cut it to zero,” Baker said.

The Chesapeake Bay Program coordinates bay restoration efforts in the states that are part of the Chesapeake Bay watershed, including Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, chairman of the Chesapeake Executive Council, said the Trump Administration, “recklessly and repeatedly proposes gutting Chesapeake Bay funding.”

Hogan said as chairman of the six-state Chesapeake Executive Council, “I will again lead a bipartisan effort to restore this funding. While the Trump administration continues to turn its back on the bay, we will keep fighting to protect one of our most precious natural assets.”
There are way too many rats drinking out of that bowl.

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