Saturday, February 29, 2020

Reasons #6428 and 6429 that Trump was Elected

A twice-deported illegal immigrant accused of murdering three people is on the run in California.
Three bodies were found in a Perris, California, cemetery, and the Riverside County sheriff said 33-year-old Mexican national Jose Luis Torres Garcia is the primary suspect in what appears to have been an execution-style killing. He is on the run and considered armed and dangerous.

"At this time, we believe this person acted alone in the homicide. He should be considered armed and extremely dangerous," Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco told the public. "Do not make contact with him. Notify law enforcement immediately."

Garcia already had an active warrant for his arrest for drunk driving and a warrant for drug crimes, according to KESQ News. He has been deported from the United States twice but returned to California, a state known for its sanctuary city policies.

Authorities believe Garcia knew the deceased victims, 28-year-old Rodrigo Aguilar-Esepejel, 38-year-old Jose Maria Aguilar-Espejel, and 50-year-old Jaime Covarrubias Espindola.

"The suspect and victims knew each other," Bianco said. "The normal resident of Perris has nothing to fear from him. This was not a random killing. There was a reason for the four of them to be together."

Bianco added that it was possible the suspect had fled to Mexico and said local authorities were "working with our counterparts across the border” to bring Garcia into custody.
Well, at least he won't be collecting welfare, Supreme Court OK's Public Charge
he January 27, 5:4 decision is a big win for President Donald Trump and his populist advisers, partly because the court also slammed lower-court judges who impose nationwide rules in lawsuits that involve a few local plaintiffs, as reported by Breitbart News.

The decision allows the public charge rule to be applied while lower court judges hear arguments from advocates and critics. Eventually, the rule may be blocked by the judges, but it will operate for some time to exclude people — such as unskilled chain-migrants, or the elderly parents of migrants — who will likely use welfare or government-run healthcare programs.

The rule is also a win for Americans employees, whose wages are being suppressed, and housing costs are rising amid the business-backed inflow of roughly 1 million immigrant workers, consumers, and renters each year.

Democratic legislators denounced the win.
Because, shut up!

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