Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Shampeachment Morning in America

So, sometime today, around 4 PM I hear, the full Senate will meet to vote on the two impeachment articles sent over from the house of representatives. The conclusion is foregone, Trump will be acquitted, with the only question being the details; will Romney vote to remove, will a few Democrats in Trumpish states vote to acquit. Will it be a bipartisan majority that votes to acquit? I hope so! When they acquit, I believe every Republican Senator should ostentatiously tear up his or her copy of the articles. Sundance at CTH, President Trump Superbowl Full Interview With Sean Hannity…

But before we go too far, some of the last arguments for and against removal (WSJ link). From Da Caller, Democratic Impeachment Manager Jason Crow Quotes Harry Potter On Senate Floor, Dumbledore, ‘it is our choices who show who we truly are, far more than our abilities.'” Huh? At Breitbart, Democrats Recycled Talking Points from Mueller Report for Impeachment Trial. Desperation. Stu CVRK at Red State, Impeachment Trial: Closing Arguments From Patrick Philbin, Superstar. It's easy to be a star on the winning team, but at News Thud Paul Goldberg claims Jay Sekulow Wins Day By Showing Video Of Dems Calling For Trump’s Impeachment Before Ukraine Case. Democrats just walked into that one. The Dersh at the WSJ complains that Democrats Are Lying About My Argument "Their false narrative of impeachment could set a dangerous precedent." Mischaracterizing an opponents argument? I'm sure that's never happened in Congress before. /sarc. Jack Cashill at AmThink rebuts their arguments  calling Trumps acts The Most Egregious Series of 'Corrupt Acts' Ever.  Stacy McCain takes the impeachment managers to task for Argument by Assertion
I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I am deeply cynical, and you’d have to be a damned fool to believe that Democrats care more about America’s national security than does President Trump. Democrats seem to think that all they have to do is assert that Trump is guilty, and that their mere assertion is tantamount to proof of his guilt. This is the only plausible explanation for why they keep repeating the same phrases, as if they believe repetition will give their assertions the force of argument.

This is not how actual arguments work, however, and preaching to the partisan choir — Democrats telling their own dimwit supporters that their hatred of Trump is justified — will not persuade anyone who understand the Constitution, which gives the President nearly unlimited authority (for good or ill) in conducting our foreign policy.
Now some details. From Capt. Ed at Hot Air, Murkowski: I’ll Vote To Acquit, Because Everyone Here Stinks. She didn't quite put it that way, but you get her point. AllahPundit at Hot Air sadly reports Collins Makes It Official: Yes, I’ll Acquit Trump On Both Charges, and Althouse gives her plaudits for her speech in Nice job by Susan Collins, explaining why she’s voting to acquit. I saw it live, and yes, it was. No link, alas, but you can find one in the comments.

Piers Morgan at Da Mail, The Democrats’ smug, sanctimonious Schiff Show impeachment debacle has gifted President Trump a Super Bowl-sized touchdown just as Election 2020 kicks off – and left them needing a Hail Mary in November I hate having to agree with Piers. News Busters, on liberal tears. IMPEACHMENT FRENZY ENDS IN A FIZZLE: ‘Sad’ Moment for Democracy, ‘Outlaw’ President Survives Normally I just enjoy their taste, but in this, I will bathe in them. Adam Mill at Da Fed, Impeachment Opened With Primal Screams, And Died With A Whimper echoed by the WSJ, Impeachment Winds Down With Whimper as Washington Moves On. It's such an obvious metaphor. Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.04.20, the American Conservative sees how Democrats Don’t Realize How Much Impeachment Hurts Them.

News Busters does the math to show Impeachment Gets 77x More TV Time than Trump's Economic Successes and Just Facts Daily shows how the Associated Press Twists the Facts About Democrats’ Impeachment of Trump. Another day ending in "y." But it's not working as well as it used to. Althouse, "President Donald Trump's job approval rating has risen to 49%, his highest in Gallup polling since he took office in 2017." Gallup reports. She also noted Morning Joe on the State of the Union: "We expect the President to crow" about the impeachment acquittal. Wrong again. Another day ending in "y." Brian Flood at Fox  detailed how CNN was ridiculed for report that Trump won’t apologize after impeachment acquittal. You're supposed to be sorry when you're right, guys know that. From sundance, Rand Paul Discusses Whistleblower Eric Ciaramella During Floor Speech: “Were they plotting in the halls of congress to bring down this president?”…

John Kruzel on Da Hill whines about how Trump's acquittal may have profound impact on presidential power, something they never worry about when a Democrat is in power.

Segueing into the Ukraine/Biden mess, Sara Carter reports that the National Archives Confirms Senate Request For Obama Docs, Says ‘Process Is Ongoing’ Oof Dah!
The request for the documents was sent to National Archives Director David Ferriero November, 2019, and directly pertains to meetings that occurred in the White House with top level Democratic National Committee contractors, senior Obama staff and Ukrainian officials.
At Da Wire, Iowa Republican Senator Joni Ernst Warns Biden Could Be ‘Immediately’ Impeached If Elected Because Dems Have Opened Pandora’s Box, Jazz Shaw at Hot Air, New Plan: If Biden Wins, Impeach Him Immediately Over Ukraine and Joel Mathis at Da Week, Would Republicans impeach Biden? Wouldn't that be a kick?  Da Caller, ‘Today’ Anchor Savannah Guthrie Presses Joe Biden On Hunter And Burisma Capt. Ed, Biden To Guthrie: “You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About” On Hunter
It sure seems like the Dem leadership is getting ready to kick Biden under the bus. The NYPo Ed Bored, How long will it take for Joe Biden to give good answer to Hunter questions? Tomorrow or just the end of time. Julie Kelly at AmGreat, Joe Biden: Ukraine and Burisma’s Sugar Daddy.

CNS News, Trump, Jr.: I Testified for 30 Hours; ‘Hunter Biden Is Taking Millions…They Don’t Ever Consider Calling Him’. Karen Townsend at Hot Air reminds us again how petty Democrat women can be, Jill Biden: We Aren’t Friends With Lindsey Graham Anymore. We can be friends when Democrats attack Republicans, but not vice versa.

Jed Babbin at AmSpec, Preventing Another ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ "Now is the time to go after real abuses of power and keep them from occurring again." History suggests Democrats won't care until it is turned on them.

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