Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Russiagate at Random

A bit of an odd day. Lots of strands of the original "Spygate" along with more recent events. Wilson Miller at Da Fed wonders Did Obama’s DOJ Leak Michael Flynn’s Russia Phone Call To Set Him Up? Almost certainly. From CNS News, Sen. Graham: ‘Impossible to Believe’ Comey and McCabe Weren’t Told When Carter Page Case Fell Apart. Ordinarily, given a choice between incompetence and malice, I assume incompetence, but in this case malice seems more likely. Chris Farrell at Da Caller warns It Ain’t Over For Andy McCabe. We'll see, but I hope not. Stephen McIntyre has an interesting thread at Climate Audit, starting with Here's a little discussed excerpt from Horowitz Report. After blowup between NYFO and Carter Page on Mar 2, 2016, NYFO contacted FBIHQ Counterespionage Section (in Counterintelligence Division) about opening investigation on Page. Received approval email from Section on April 1. Kinda heavy.

As Declassified FBI memos undercut Mueller team claims that Papadopoulos hindered Russia probe (Just The News), at AmGreat Nice Deb reports that Nunes says House Republicans Are Mulling Criminal Referrals Against Mueller Prosecutors. It looks like they lied to the court in the sentencing plea. Even Mueller prosecutors aren't supposed to lie to the court.

Byron at WaEx asks Is the intelligence community planning to meddle in the 2020 election?. Why not, they got away with it last time, at least mostly and we've already seen it start over, see below. Sundance at CTH is disgusted that Short Term Stupid – Bill Barr Wants Clean FISA Reauthorization Because He Will Not Abuse It… Democrats will have no desire to reform FISA until it's wielded against them.

Breitbart Report – Officials Deny Russia Meddling to Support Trump: ‘The Intelligence Doesn’t Say That’. Ya, we know. So Matt Margolis at PJ Media has Trump Destroying CNN and Jim Acosta After Stupid Question About Russian Interference
Not really Russiagate, but a reminder of how small and incestuous Washington D.C. really is at the top, Odd Coincidence – Rogue CDC Official Pushing Coronavirus Panic Button is Rod Rosenstein’s Sister…
Earlier today Dr. Nancy Messonnier, an official in the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), held a conference call with media and pushed a panic narrative around the Coronvirus that ran counter to the Trump administration.
What makes the statements by Dr. Messonnier even more interesting is the fact she is the only sister of former DOJ Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Dr. Messonnier, director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (link) told reporters on the call:
“We are asking the American public to work with us to prepare for the expectation that this could be bad.” … “I understand this whole situation may seem overwhelming and that disruption to everyday life may be severe. But these are things that people need to start thinking about now.” (link)
The alarming message from Dr. Messonnier was quickly picked up by most major news organizations and pushed into all reporting on the issue. The tone of the alarm is also counter to the message of the Trump administration and HHS Secretary Alex Azar, as outlined in a press conference with leadership from U.S. Health and Human Services.
Sundance sees a conspiracy.
There is a strong argument to be made that various resistance government officials like Dr. Messonnier, in alignment with democrat resistance politicians, are attempting to weaponize fear and talking-points about the coronavirus in order to inflict maximum damage upon the Trump administration; regardless of both psychological and actual economic impact to the public.
News Thud (which always seems to be Paul Goldberg), Judge Amy Berman Jackson won’t bow out of Roger Stone case. Ace, #Resistance Hanging Judge Declares Roger Stone Jury Forewoman Didn't "Technically" Lie; Declares That Calling Trump's Supporters "Racist" Does Not Show Bias; Reads Stone's Complaint in Mocking Tone "She's making it extremely easy for Trump to pardon Roger Stone. Updates below. . . ." Spencer S. Hsu and Matt Zapotosky at WaPoo whine that Trump calls Stone juror ‘totally biased’ while prosecutors, defense attorneys are debating new trial. So? They aren't supposed to be on line while in court.

In related news, via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.25.2020 the Volokh Conspiracy says after all the sturm und drang, the Federal Judges Association Tells Members Meeting Wasn’t Called To Discuss Trump Intervention In Stone Sentencing after all. Maybe.
The Wall Street Journal received the same email, and offered this comment:
So what happened? It could be that FJA and the press got their wires crossed, or that reporters inflated the significance of what they heard. Or it could be that at least some officers did plan some sort of political detour in the meeting and the organization is now backtracking in embarrassment. Either way, the story created perceptions of a politicized judiciary, and the FJA could help itself and the judiciary by setting the record straight.
I agree.
From the Guardian, Trump lashes out at liberal supreme court justices and demands recusals and from WaPoo, Trump dials up his unusual battle with the judiciary. Only conservative judges are meant to be criticized!

Also via the Wombat, Da Tech Guy: I Oppose Trump’s Commutation Of Blagojevich’s Sentence. I don't.

Am Con reports, DOJ Drooling Over Likely Assange Extradition. It would be interesting to hear from him.

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