Friday, February 7, 2020

Shampeachment Fallout Continues

I was all hot to get started on this; I had breakfast and sufficient coffee, and a couple of evil Sudokus to warm the brain up. Then an astonishing thunderstorm came through at 8:30  and knocked out the power until 1:15, by which time Skye was nagging for a walk. Oh, there is no beach left to speak of, due to an extremely high tide.

Shampeachment; what can I say. All the action is over with, but people keep talking about it, mostly trying to stir up resentments, or at least keep them stirred.  Take for instance Ace's of Spades HQ, The Morning Report - 2/6/20. So your going to have to get it list style.

TRUMP SHAM-PEACHMENT ACQUITTAL My own list: of impeachment BS

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