Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Progress on Maryland Striper Regs

I got an email from CCA today, reporting on the results of a recent meeting with DNR concerning the regulation of Striped Bass for the next year. I previously posted how MD had narrowed its options to four paths to achieve an approximate 20% cut in mortality as ordered by ASMFC.
Below is a quick note regarding striped bass regulations that was posted on our facebook page today. Standby for a much larger explanation of what this means, and more information regarding DNR's likely path forward.

-David Sikorski

There is plenty to say about yesterday's striped bass board meeting. The attached graphic shows Maryland's only CE proposal that is left as an option. Maryland DNR removed #1-#3 as an option.
Amber Marchant

Maryland DNR also stated that 1@18" w/ no seasonal changes, but DNR's Assistant Secretary, Bill Anderson referred to this option as "Insanity" at last weeks SFAC, so it's pretty likely that Maryland DNR has NO intention of considering that option.

All items with a strike through will not be happening.

If DNR is serious about stopping discards in the summer, they will shift the August closure to July, when water quality is at it's worst.

Much more to come soon.

Pretty good news for me, if true. The catch and release fishing in March is some of the best, and proposal #4 keeps that alive. I don't mind giving up a few weeks in the middle of summer, when it's possible to fish for other species.

The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: Carole King up on time and under budget.

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