Saturday, December 28, 2019

Rule 5 Saturday - Born on the Bayou - Brooks Nader

This Rule 5 post originally inspired by this post at American Power - Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Brooks Nader, which prompted me to look further. Good idea. Brooks Nader: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
1. Nader Is a Baton Rouge Native

Hailing from Baton, Rouge, Louisiana, Brooks is the daughter of Breaux and Holland Nader. . .  Brooks is also the granddaughter of Louisiana State University Assistant Athletics Director Dr. Sam Nader. Dr. Nader has been involved with LSU’s football team for 44 years. During Dr. Nader’s tenure, LSU has had two national championships, six SEC titles, and 30 bowl games.

So, she's royalty, by Louisiana definition.
2. Brooks Was Originally a Finance Major before Being Discovered

Brooks was originally a finance major at Tulane University.

In 2016, Brooks accepted a summer internship with a meeting and event space company in New York City. She hoped to gain valuable experience as she worked towards her degree.

Excellent choice, we have plenty of financiers, and too few super models. No one needs to see Warren Buffett in a bathing suit.
3. Brooks Says She Was Rejected as a Model “99% of the Time”
Tough game!
4. Supermodel Christie Brinkley Hand-Picked Brooks for the Swimsuit Issue
Thank you, Christie!
5. Brooks Hopes to Break Barriers in the Modeling World
I have no idea what that's supposed to mean; gay models are a dime a dozen, we already have at least 12 fat models and at least the required one transgender model, but I suppose she had to say something like that.

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