Tuesday, December 31, 2019

The Counting of the Year Jar

After Skye, Georgia and I completed our last beach walk of 2019 this afternoon, I came home, and sorted out the fossils collected for the year:

There you go. 2,785 sharks teeth, adding up to 2 lbs 5 oz (or 1.057 kg for you metric buffs). The big bone beside the jar is a whale (or very large dolphin) axis vertebra, which I posted about when I found it, on the other side a large bony fish vertebra I found a week or so ago, and didn't post. The pile of black dots on the left are 2 years worth of drum's teeth, and mixed in with the top shelf teeth are a number of more or less complete ray plate chevrons of various sizes.

All in all, a little down from last year, which posted a total of 2,964 teeth but a slightly lower weight, at 2 lb 3 oz. I would say that all in all the quality of the best teeth this year wasn't quite as good, and we had no Megalodons, except for some edge fragments. 

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  1. Or as one blogger I know would say. That's 2 lbs 5 oz (for those of us who live in a country that has put a man on the moon) of fossils.