Monday, December 9, 2019

John Durham to IG Horowitz - Not So Fast

Ace, John Durham: I'm the One With the Prosecutorial Power and the Final Say, IG Obama Holdover
Ace also thinks the IG report is a white wash: IG Report Released COMPLETE WHITEWASH.

My own views are a little more complicated. I expected, based on institutional dynamics and press reports, that the IG would find plenty done wrong, and very few actually at blame.

The job of the IG can't be easy. You have to investigate you're own agency, which doesn't make you many friends. To be successful, you have to find things wrong, but if you find too much wrong, and blame too many people you won't be very comfortable at the next annual office Christmas party. So it's much easier to blame bad procedures for the problems, and not malice on the part of individuals in the agency. Plus, finding evidence of people's malice is hard, unless you have extensive text messages between a person and his lover. And even then, all he has to say is, "Sure I felt that way, but it had no influence on my actions", even if his actions seem terribly one sided and partisan. It's easy for investigators within the agency to accept that assertion at face value, even if they would never accept such assertions from anyone outside.

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