Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Russiagate: Adam Schiff Admits to Domestic Spying

Yesterday, Adam Schiff's Intelligence Committee (a oxymoron if I ever heard one) voted out the charges for the articles of impeachment on party lines, to send to the Judiciary Committee (almost as bad) for more public haranguing.

JD Rucker, at the NoQ Report:Will Chamberlain unravels the Democrats’ impeachment report
Presumptions. Innuendos. Outright lies. These are the tools used by the House Intelligence Committee during their two weeks of public hearings on the impeachment of President Trump. Chairman Adam Schiff and his cohorts followed up by publishing an egregiously misleading report that mainstream media is trumpeting as the silver bullet. But any American with a brain who actually reads the report will see glaring falsehoods and third-hand assertions proclaimed as “evidence.” In the end, it all amounts to a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Human Events EIC Will Chamberlain took some of the more glaring “stupid things” from the report and set the record straight on Twitter. He limited it to a handful of points. If he tried to handle it all, we’d be waiting longer than we’ve waited for the Inspector General’s FISA report. There are just so many stupid things in it.
One of the first "findings" from the report is that Adam Schiff has been carrying out a domestic spying operation himself, for political purposes, targeting the phone calls of opposition politicians, journalists, and opposition lawyers. In what world is this legal? But the Peacock approves, Giuliani mystery phone calls, texts uncovered by Democrats' impeachment report, as does Allah Pundit, at Hot Air  Schiff: It’s “Deeply Concerning” To Learn That Devin Nunes Was In Touch With Giuliani And Lev Parnas During The Ukraine Saga. "Exit question: Are Senate Republicans going to subpoena Schiff’s phone records now too? If Schiff can investigate Nunes, presumably Lindsey Graham can investigate whether Schiff was in touch with the whistleblower." Sundance at CTH, Schiff Team Subpoena’d Call Records from Trump Attorneys Along With Devin Nunes, John Solomon….
AT&T provided the call records, likely under subpoena. (link)
Let’s hope Schiff received them under subpoena, because the alternative is much worse. The alternative is a criminal leak from an outside interest.
. . .
Yes, in essence Adam Schiff weaponized his committee authority toward the goal of removing President Trump in an identical way the prior administration intelligence officials, DOJ and FBI weaponized their authority toward removing candidate Trump, president-elect Trump and President Trump.
Breitbart, Shock: Adam Schiff Investigated Devin Nunes’s Phone Records, Power Line, Schiff Obtained Phone Records of Nunes, Journalist, Others
Between my day job and three hours on the radio, I have been mostly out of touch today. But this, from Elizabeth Vaughn at Red State, shocked me: “Adam Schiff Has Crossed a Line: He’s Obtained Phone Records of Devin Nunes, Nunes’ Aide, Rudy Giuliani and John Solomon.”
The most stunning aspect of the report, to me anyway, was the inclusion of telephone records of House Intelligence Committee ranking member Devin Nunes, Nunes’ aide David Harvey, President Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, and investigative reporter John Solomon. Schiff refused to say how he was able to obtain these records.
I don’t understand that. Presumably such records were obtained through legal process, as opposed to computer hacking or bribery of telephone company employees. Offhand, however, I don’t know what the legal basis would be for obtaining these phone records, and Schiff’s refusal to comment does not inspire confidence. I also don’t understand how Schiff could have obtained these records–legally–without the knowledge of the ranking member of his committee, Devin Nunes.

John Solomon has been one of the best reporters on the subjects at issue here, and spying on his phone records reminds me of when some person or organization intruded into Sharyl Attkisson’s home computer at a time when her reporting was inconvenient for the Obama administration.
Ace cuts to the chase, Adam Schiff Spied on Congressional Colleague Devin Nunes "
The first thing the Senate should do is subpoena the phone records of Adam Schiff and his staff, but of course they will not."

I want Jake Tapper's, Jim Sciutto's, Even Perez's and Carl Bernstein's phone records for the period from about November 2016 to January 12, 2017, the day CNN revealed the briefing about the "dossier," a briefing that was arranged precisely so that its existence could be reported by Tapper, Sciutto, and so on.
Doug Ross, LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT: @AdamSchiff Was Spying on the President's Attorneys AND the Press?
Sadly, probably not. The press will bury this. Anything is kosher to get Trump.

I could go on and on. I still have a bunch of links to catch up with, but I think I'll stop here just to let this sink in. Adam Schiff and his Democrat colleagues have opened up a domestic spying ring against political opponents including congresscritters, journalists they consider unfavorable, and defense lawyers, for political purposes. And they're accusing President of "abuse of power". Think about that.

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