Thursday, December 19, 2019

Belated Russiagate?

Well, our internet is back up. It seems that burying a coaxial cable for 30 years has some risk of failure. The fact that it happened just when someone decided to trade out our rental modem for a modem off E-Bay that just happened to be stolen from Xfinity, and couldn't be registered with them is so totally coincidence...

So did anything exciting happen between about 10 AM yesterday and now?  Oh yeah, a bipartisan minority opposed the Democrat impeachment of President Trump? And now Nancy Pelosi is not actually sending the now voted on articles of impeachment to the Senate for the Senate trial, hoping, I suppose, to leave the threat of conviction hanging over him at least until the House returns in January, and threatening to withhold the articles from the Senate until the Senate promises rules for the trial that the House Democrats consider "fair".  That's the little girl who killed her parents and pleaded for mercy because she was an orphan.

I say Cocaine Mitch McConnell should get a copy of the articles off the internet, wave them in front of the Senate, call for a vote to dismiss, and declare Trump vindicated. Who cares if she sent them?

Stacy McCain, Trump Unites Republicans
In Wednesday night’s “historic” impeachment vote — the cable news people keep repeating that word, for some reason — not a single Republican member of the House voted “yea,” whereas there were three “nay” votes in Nancy Pelosi’s Democratic caucus: Minnesota Rep. Collin C. Peterson and New Jersey Rep. Jeff Van Drew voted against both articles of impeachment, while Maine Rep. Jared Golden voted for the “abuse of power” charge, but voted against charging President Trump with “obstruction of Congress.” Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who is running for president as a Democrat, voted “present” on both articles.

What does this mean? It means Bill Kristol is once again proven wrong. Last month, the #NeverTrump ex-Fox News pundit claimed, on the basis of “private conversations,” that some Republicans in the House would vote in favor of impeaching the president. Oops.
Widely overlooked because of the impeachment spectacle (you can't call it a fight), IG Michael Horowitz testified to the Senate again,  Inspector General Horowitz Testifies to Senate Homeland Security Committee…. Two hours here, but a snippet at Important Questioning – Senator James Lankford Questions IG Horowitz…

So will every FISA warrant be re-examined? And what happens if they find the errors only occurred when the FBI was investigating Trump. Is that better or worse than the FBI/DOJ making errors in virtually all FISA warrants? Matt Taibbi at Rolling Stone has Five Questions Still Remaining After the Release of the Horowitz Report "#1 Who is Joseph Mifsud?" Ah, the Mysterious Mr. Mifsud!

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