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Russiagate Still Rolling Along

Did you expect it to stop? At AmSpec, Jeb Babbins The FBI’s FISA Frauds, a good review of the FISA courts handling of the affairs so far. Worth burning a free view, or even opening a rarely used browser to beat the paywall. Jeff Dunetz, The Lid, is a little less polite in FISA Court Aware Of Bogus Info In Carter Page Warrants Years Before Horowitz. I get the need for a secret court to keep things on the down low, but it's past time they demonstrated that they really care about protecting American's right, or it's time to dismantle the FISA court structure. All processes can be corrupted; if they can't be fixed, they need to be stopped.

At Caught in the Crossfire, "Monsieur America" tries Pin-Pointing the Moment Carter Page Became a Crossfire Hurricane Target. In March 2016, while acting as a confidential informant against a real Russian agent, Page told the SDNY prosecutors he wouldn't mouth the lies they were serving him up to use. That appears to be the origin of stress between him and DOJ.
“In March of 2016 they called me in to come testify in the SDNY in one of the cases. There were so many falsehoods and misrepresentations in their indictment the prior year. I said, I am not going to lie in court. Similar to their false court filings which the DOJ and FBI had submitted in this case. It was a long back and forth with them. I told them I am a man of my word and I am not going to provide false testimony like they’ve done. Very similar to the false testimony which they did in that case against the Russians and the false testimony which they did a few months later in October of 2016 with the start of the FISA abuse.”
Liz Vaughn at Red State tells us that While We Were Focused on the IG Report, Rep. Ratcliffe ‘Dropped a Bomb’ at the House Hearing

and from Sundance at CTH, Atkinson’s SSCI Confirmation Transcript Shows Senator Warner Focus on Whistle-blower Controls…
You might remember recently how Burr and Warner would not support Rep. John Ratcliffe for Director of National intelligence under the auspices of Ratcliffe not having enough “experience” within intelligence operations. However, those same “experience” concerns were absent when they approved dirty ICIG nominee Michael Atkinson.

Streif at Red State, CIA Director Gina Haspel Is Feeling the Heat as John Durham’s Investigation Focuses on CIA Misconduct. At some point, she needs to decide whether she works for the country, or the CIA. I wonder which way she'll go.
What we can say is this. Durham is focusing on Brennan and some of his cronies. They are feeling the heat and perhaps beginning to run scared. Mike Rogers cooperating with Durham seems to have spooked them. Now they are trying to prepare the battlefield for the political/legal battle that lies on the horizon and Gina Haspel is key to how that plays out.
At AND magazine, Sam Faddis wonders Where Are The Spies? – Three Recent Intel Failures Too busy playing domestic politics.
Every day, as the fallout from the false Russian collusion narrative intensifies, we see more and more evidence of senior officials in our intelligence and law enforcement communities playing politics and angling for greater power and influence. We have, apparently, an almost infinite supply of bureaucrats, lap dogs and yes men.

Where are the men and women at the top who are focused on doing their jobs? Where are the men and women dedicated to the mission? Where are the spies?
The Market Ticker urges you to Take a Dump On McCain's Grave over his repeated attempts to flog the now thoroughly debunked Steele Dossier.

From "Tyler Durnden" at Zero Hedge, Maddow Meltdown: In Defense To OAN Lawsuit, Host Argues Her Words Are Not Facts It's not really news, but it's nice she admits it.
On Shampeachment Sundance  tells us to Anticipate House Impeachment Articles After January 3rd, 2020 – Oral Arguments for Mueller Grand Jury Material…
Oral arguments in the DC Court of Appeals for the House Judiciary Committee to obtain Mueller’s grand jury information, are scheduled for January 3rd, 2020. The HJC is leveraging the Senate impeachment trial in their arguments to gain access to the Mueller material. This approach is by design.

With that in mind it seems likely any House impeachment articles will not be delivered to the Senate until after the DC court arguments, and likely not before the ruling . . .
Breitbart, Gaetz: I ‘Believe’ Dems When They Say They Aren’t Done Investigating Impeachment

So their strategy is to keep piling on articles of impeachment, and never send them to the Senate?  Nick Arama at Red State, ‘I Think We’ve Heard Enough’: Senate Republicans Now Coalescing Behind an Impeachment Trial Strategy. Sundance, Senate GOP Unites on Plan for Senate Impeachment Trial…
It looks like the beginning of a united plan for the Senate impeachment trial is in the works. According to a New York Post article the House impeachment managers would present their prosecution case; then President Trump’s designated lawyers will present his defense case; then the Senate will vote.

At least, that’s the plan being reported:
WASHINGTON – After weeks of behind-the-scenes debate, Senate Republicans have hit on their strategy for handling President Trump’s impeachment: a brief trial — with no witness testimony — and a fast acquittal.
“I’m ready to vote now,” Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Missouri) told The Hill. “I think the articles are a joke.”
Liz Vaughn at Red State quotes  Rep. Steve Scalise: ‘It’s No Longer Nancy Pelosi Calling the Shots’
Scalise said, “The AOC wing of the party changed and really started controlling her caucus. And so, it’s no longer Nancy Pelosi calling the shots — and you think about anybody who follows in the things that she’s been forced into doing, it’s been mostly the far-left socialist wing of the party and it’s not just Pelosi.
Fox News, McConnell hit for impeachment coordination with Trump – but Dems did the same with Clinton. Oh look! Hypocrisy! Whoda thunk?

Conrad Black at AmGreat warns Democrats Must Live with Consequences of Their Foolish Impeachment Farce
It’s showtime. Let the fools’ carnival of unfeasible candidates elevate the designated Democratic piΓ±ata for this successful if edgy president to hammer through the election campaign. And let the Democrats finally cease their howls of moral outrage against Trump and prepare their explanations for the indictments that are likely to emerge from the special counsel investigation of the illicit spying conducted against the Trump campaign and transition team, and the assorted legal and ethical lapses of the Obama Justice Department and the Clinton campaign. They have had their full share of public attention for their defamatory nonsense; they laid this rotten egg of impeachment and they can take full responsibility for the stench of it.
On Da Hill, Biden says he would not comply with a Senate subpoena in Trump's impeachment trial. Sundance, Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Promises to Obstruct Justice to Prove His ‘Resistance’ Bona Fides… It's a good thing we "know" that people can be impeached after their term of office. Dan Bongino outraged via Twitchy:
Liz Vaughn at Red State, President Trump Trolls Pelosi Over Her Son’s Business Dealings in Ukraine: ‘Wow Crazy Nancy, what’s going on? This is big stuff!’
which is a good segue to some Ukraine/Biden/Giuliani leftovers. At Town Hall, Katie Pavlich reports that Hunter "accidentally" got left out of the Biden Family Christmas picture. Poor Hunter!

Sundance links OAN Three Part Investigative Report on Ukraine, Corruption and Biden Family – Rudy Giuliani and Chanel Rion Travel to Ukraine… Three one hour videos... Someday when I'm really bored.

And from Da Caller ‘They’re Absolutely A**Holes’: Giuliani Attacks Manhattan US Attorney’s Office Over Investigation. I'm sure when he was a prosecutor, people felt the same way about him
Giuliani remained steadfast in denying any crimes levied against him, saying that “they’re out of their minds.” He suggested that the people looking into him have lost “their integrity in their insanity over hating Trump.”

“If they think I committed a crime, they’re out of their minds,” according to Giuliani. “I’ve been doing this for 50 years. I know how not to commit crimes. And if they think I’ve lost my integrity, maybe they’ve lost theirs in their insanity over hating Trump with some of the things they did that I never would’ve tolerated when I was U.S. Attorney.”
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