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Russiagate, Again!

So, it appears that US Attorney John "Bull" Durham is poking around in dark corneres. Capt. Ed at Hot Air reads the NYT so you don't have to NYT: Durham Probing Brennan’s Role In Steele Dossier Assessment.
If Brennan lied to Congress, Durham might be inclined to prosecute — even though Brennan’s boss James Clapper got away with lying about surveillance programs earlier. However, Brennan might be a secondary target in this case. Reading further into the report by the NYT’s Katie Benner and Julian Barnes, it appears that Brennan had been skeptical all along of Steele and his dossier.
Ace, Is Durham Investigating Whether Brennan Lied About His Interest In Using the Steele Dossier to Frame Trump?
Interesting thread on Twitter by The Last Refuge compiled at Twitchy.

The short version is this: Brennan testified to Congress that the CIA -- including himself, of course -- did not at all rely on the Steele Dossier. And yet Comey testified that Brennan "insisted" on including "the crown material," which is almost certainly the Steele Dossier, in the Intelligence Community Assessment given to Trump in early January 2017.

Comey claims he insisted that "crown material" not be included, as it was unverified. The compromise, apparently, was that the "crown material" was not included in the ICA itself, but was instead paperclipped to the ICA as some kind of unofficial addendum. Then Trump was briefed on both the real ICA and the fake news addendum.

And this briefing was leaked to CNN, which was the plan all along. In fact, CNN might actually have conspired with government officials to perform a criminal act (leaking classified information to unauthorized persons).
From  Sundance at CTH, Bad News For Coup Crew – Former NSA Director Mike Rogers Working With John Durham For Several Months… and  John Sexton at Hot Air, more bad news for the cabal, Former NSA Director Is Cooperating With The Durham Investigation
It’s a bit hard to tease out but it appears that there is some bad blood between Rogers and former Defense Secretary Ash Carter as well as former director of national intelligence James Clapper. In November of 2016, after Trump’s election, the NY Times reported that Obama was considering firing Rogers from his post at NSA and was being urged to do so by Carter and Clapper:
. . .
So the plan was to split off US Cyber Command from the NSA and both Carter and Clapper supported that plan. However, that got scuttled when Trump won the election. Trump wound up keeping Rogers on and firing Clapper. All that to say that you probably shouldn’t assume Rogers is the type who wants to circle the wagons with his old colleagues Clapper and Brennan. On the contrary, if he has a story to tell he might be eager to tell it.

Dunham is expected to interview Clapper and Brennan as part of his investigation but the Intercept reports it’s not clear if that has happened yet.
Targets come last. It has long been speculated that Rogers tipped Trump off to the wiretapping and attempted Russiagate set up. Also from sundance, Lisa Page Email Shows Direct Evidence of Investigative Leaking and Bias IG Horowitz Said He Could Not Find…. More likely, he had no leverage over Lisa Page, since she was already gone from DOJ. Ace, AG Barr: James Comey is a Serial Liar, "He didn't put it so bluntly -- he said instead that what James Comey says "is simply not true" -- but the import is the same."

Probably not because the MSM was too wrapped up trying to spin the Horowitz report as a vindication of the FBI Russia hoax against President Donald Trump. But, as Jeff Carlson explains in this interview with The Epoch Times’ Jan Jekielek, the new IG probe means continued critical oversight and pressure for reform of the FBI.
ET, Horowitz Report & Testimony Provide Historic Condemnation of FBI’s Surveillance Actions—Jeff Carlson

And news from the FISA court via Techno-Fog, NEW - FISC Declassified Order
1) ID all FISA cases involving Clinesmith (FBI lawyer who altered evidence)
2) ID steps taken by DOJ/FBI to verify the Clinesmith cases
3) Asks if Clinesmith has been referred to Bar Assoc. for "disciplinary action"
And from Sara Carter, @charlie_savage  reports Judge Rosemary Collyer stepping down as presiding judge of FISC early. "He says health issues - maybe damage control too - Do you believe FISA should be renewed in March? What do you think should happen?" Stephen McIntyre claims to have identified another mover and shaker in the coupe. I've identified the ASAC in FBI Philadelphia Office who was in the daisy chain of Papadop information: from Downer to Dibble to FBI Legat (Boetig) to Philadelphia ASAC to Cyber Section Chief (McGonigal) to Strzok et al. It was Michael Driscoll.


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Oh screw it:

Adrian Vermeule on Twitter: "I’m supremely confident that the Never Trump lawyers, who declaimed for years about norms and procedural regularity, will swiftly condemn Pelosi’s unprecedented gamesmanship about transmitting the articles to the Senate. Waiting ...." / Twitter

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