Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Racist Sexist Democrats Reject Black Woman

Stacy, Black Woman’s Presidential Campaign Rejected by Racist Sexist Democrats
Why do Democrats hate black women?
Kamala Harris ended her presidential campaign on Tuesday after months of failing to lift her candidacy from the bottom of the field — a premature departure for a California senator once heralded as a top-tier contender for the nomination. . . .
How perfect is this? Kamala Harris got beat by a gay white guy, a fake Cherokee and a socialist Jew. Trump couldn’t have planned it any better as a way to inflame racial paranoia in the African-American community. I’m sure Vladimir Putin must be delighted by this news . . .
When she first entered the fray, she was considered a top contender. Easily the worst campaign by a mildly good looking woman that I can remember. The more you see of her, the less you like her.

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