Friday, December 20, 2019

It Happens Every Year

Borge Ousland and Mike Horn
It seems. Somebody plans a trip to the Arctic or Antarctic hoping to prove loss of ice due to global warming, and gets stuck in the ice, and needs to be rescued. From Watts Up With That: Norwegian ‘Ship of Fools’ is still developing into a silly case of poor planning.
Norwegian privately owned expedition vessel «Lance» was used to ‘rescue’ two polar ‘explorers’, the well-known Borge Ousland and Mike Horn, from the arctic floating ice field. They rendezvous’ed with the vessel about 100 km from the ice edge, just north of Svalbard on 8th of December. The two ‘explorers’ had actually planned to be taken on board a sailing vessel, after having entered onto the floating ice, in August, north of Alaska.

The two guys had gone by skis to the North Pole and then continued towards the southern ice edge on the Atlantic side of the floating ice. However, they encountered storms that transported the floating ice against their planned direction, and arrived a couple of weeks later than planned. Therefore they hired «Lance» to pick them up instead of the sailing vessel. The whole idea with the expedition was to prove how thin the ice is in the polar ocean. This means that the objective was actually to underline climatic alarmism.
RV Lance

But, what they may have not known, is that this time of year is the time of most ice accretion in the Arctic ocean, and on their return voyage towards the ice edge and open water, the ice floes froze and became solid. The «Lance» became firmly stuck in the ice, about 80 kilometers from the ice edge and is now completely stuck.

The latest information from the lame vessel, is that the captain on board, Mr. Stig Roaldsand, according to the newspaper VG (see: has demanded that all ‘passengers’ and un-necessary people on board the vessel shall be lifted off by helicopter as soon as possible (Source journalist: Oda Leraan Skjetne, VG). However, the two ‘explorers’ refuse to leave the vessel by helicopter, probably as it destroys the narrative of their journey. There is a pending snowstorm coming to the area north of Svalbard around Christmas Eve, and this makes heli-transport impossible at that time.

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