Saturday, December 28, 2019

For Lack of Any Bigger Problems . . .

. . . like homelessness, drug addiction or poop in the streets, San Francisco considers banning paper cups. San Fran: In a City Covered with Poop, We Need to Ban Paper Cups
From Fox Business:
A growing number of coffee houses in San Francisco are banishing paper to-go cups…
It began with a whisper:
What started as a small trend among neighborhood cafes to reduce waste is gaining support from some big names in the city’s food and coffee world.
Hey, San Fran: Turds have taken the place of Rice-A-Roni; people need those cups — to poop in.

Nevertheless, they’re being taken away. Famed chef Dominique Crenn — owner of the Michelin restaurant Atelier — loves the idea. In fact, he’s opening a new cafe that will provide no to-go bags or disposable to-go cups.

What a great selling point.

Wanna take one to-go at Boutique Crenn? Spokeswoman Kate Bittman says bring your own cup.

Going larger, the Blue Bottle chain will cease paper cup use at two City-by-the-Bay locations as part of its “Zero Waste” pledge.

So what alternatives are there?

At Blue Bottle, customers who don’t bring their own mug can pay a deposit — likely to be between $3 and $5 — for a cup they can keep or return for a refund.

Otherwise, as Fox put it:
[A number of places are] replacing [cups] with everything from glass jars to rental mugs and BYO cup policies.
Glass jars: Progress.

If you ask me, the cafes might snag a much bigger win if they continue offering cups but include a message: “When you’re done with this cup, please use it to cover one pile of crap you pass on the sidewalk.” #CupTheNewSanFranciscoTreat.
I don't much care. Let San Francisco try all the stupid SJW tricks, and let everyone who wants them move there to enjoy them.

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