Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Ecoterrorists Continue Attack on America

Oct 17 Dakota Access LLC, operator of the controversial pipeline carrying oil from North Dakota to the U.S. Gulf Coast, said on Monday that construction equipment burned by unknown individuals over the weekend cost millions of dollars.

Authorities suspect arson in the fire, which took place in Reasnor, Iowa, along the construction of the pipeline route, according to an AP report.
The pipeline has become the next battle after the Keystone Pipeline in the war against American developing it's own oil resources, a movement that Hillary Clinton acknowledges is  encouraged, and partially paid for by Putin's Russian government.

Another issue is the matter of the occupation of Federal lands by the protestors:
Thus far there have been no arrests. One might assume that the authorities are already checking out the camps of the protesters, but which group? As we discussed previously, there are two different sets of protesters. One is composed of the representatives of the tribes and they have largely been peaceful and lawful. The other are imports from the radical environmental movement, including those who oppose all fossil fuels. We’ll have to wait for a full investigation, but which of those groups do you suppose decided to torch the site?

Thus far, federal authorities have declined to clear out the camps of the latter group even though they are on federal land. This is a decision which seems to be coming from Washington rather than the Nebraska field office. With the demonstrations going from chanting to physical attacks and now multi-million dollar incidents of arson, will that decision change?
Do you remember what happened the last time protesters occupied a temporarily vacant federal site in Oregon, protesting the treatment of ranchers at the hands of the federal government? The FBI and local law enforcement initiated a traffic stop on a car full of protesters leaving the site, in which one of the protest leaders was killed "while resisting arrest". I think we can safely rule out that kind of zealous enforcement in this case.

One might also note that single digit Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein has been involved in the Dakota Access pipeline protests, and was caught on video vandalizing construction equipment, and an arrest warrant was issued on her for the crime. If any further action on this criminal act has taken place, Google has not yet caught wind of it.

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