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“The Wilkinson letters raise serious questions about why DOJ would consent to such substantial limitations on the scope of its investigation, and how [FBI Director James] Comey’s statements on the scope of the investigation comport with the reality of what the FBI was permitted to investigate,” House Oversight and Government Reform ChairmanJason Chaffetz (R-Utah), Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) and House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) wrote.
. . .
The immunity deal promised that the Justice Department would not prosecute Mills or Samuelson based on information obtained from the laptops.

It also limited the emails that the FBI was allowed to review to those sent between June 1, 2014, and Feb. 1, 2015, and promised that the DOJ would destroy the laptops at the close of the probe.
These are rather unbelievable restriction. It's almost like DOJ didn't want the FBI to find something.
House Republicans are investigating whether Clinton ordered Combetta, an employee with the Denver-based firm that managed Clinton’s server, to destroy records that were under congressional subpoena.

The FBI’s agreement to destroy the laptops, the lawmakers write, was “astonishing” given that “the contents were the subject of Congressional subpoenas and preservation letters.”
Politicization of the FBI Threatens American Democracy. Only when it threatend Democrats, apparently
Under Comey, the FBI has become unprecedentedly politicized at the top levels, and this rank partisanship is ruining the Bureau. J. Edgar Hoover—who, whatever his many faults was an almost comically scrupulous public servant who kept his FBI out of partisan politics for five decades—would not like any of this. And he’d be absolutely right.

For the sake of our democracy, we need our secret police force to be non-partisan and willing to investigate corrupt politicians regardless of party affiliation. Whoever the next director is, that person will need to clean partisan hacks out of the FBI with vigor while restoring a sense of mission that does not kowtow to the ruling party in Washington. Here a bit of Hoover’s annoying obsession with minute details would be a godsend.
From a foreigner: Why Hillary Clinton’s Email Server Matters
The fact that she appears to be getting away with it by running the clock out and blatantly lying (along with Obama it would seem – his claim that he knew nothing of her arrangements appears to be undercut by his emailed her using a pseudonym) sets a terrible example for the future.

As a result of her getting away with it, and possibly becoming president, it is going to be almost impossible to prosecute anyone else for CI violations and, as a result of that, there seems little doubt that people won’t take security seriously in the (near) future. The result of this is the US will lose the trust of people who might otherwise be willing to work with it on confidential matters – from foreign governments to dissidents in repressive regimes. These people will believe (correctly) that anything they tell the US government is likely to be leaked to the global public, including their own opponents/persecutors. That’s a disaster.
Ace on the case of Politico Founder Jim Van Der Hei: I've Always Defended the Media Against Bias Charges, But This Year, They've Proven Themselves to Be Hyperpartisan EmbarrassmentsClinton campaign tries to spin Bill Clinton’s attack on Obamacare, and the media spin with himHillary Caught Using Child Actor At Pennsylvania Town Hall. It's never too early to become a Clinton shill:
At a Hillary Clinton town hall yesterday in Haverford, Pennsylvania, a 15 year old girl was supposedly "chosen at random" to ask a question of the former Secretary of State. But, the well-scripted performance raised some suspicion with a YouTuber named Spanglevision who decided to dig a little deeper. And, wouldn't you know it, the "random" participant was none other than child actor, Brennan Leach, whose father just happens to be Pennsylvania democratic State Senator Daylin Leach. Oh, and in case it wasn't obvious, Daylin supports Hillary for president...shocking.
 Clinton’s State Department Lost Over $6 BILLION It wasn't lost; just mislaid. I'm sure it will trun up in the hands of a Clinton donor any day now. Clinton Sought Pentagon, State Department Contracts for Chelsea’s Friend. And surprise, surprise, New York AG doesn’t show as much interest in Clinton Foundation as Trump charityClinton Foundation refiles three years of tax forms
Clinton Foundation officials quietly refiled three years of tax-related forms this week after the New York attorney general acknowledged the charity had failed to disclose all of its donors in accordance with state law.

Two entities operating within the Clintons' sprawling philanthropic network — the Clinton Health Access Initiative and the Clinton Global Initiative — submitted supplementary financial disclosures for different years between 2012 and 2014 while denying Tuesday that the attorney general's office had asked them to do so.
How to get yourself on a watch list:  Protester Interrupts Bill Clinton With A ‘Bill Clinton A Rapist’ Sign and no, No, Trump’s cameos in “Playboy” videos don’t matter. The New York Times is trying to muster up sympathy for Hillary Clinton’s Lonesome White Male Supporters. If only they knew any. The Atlantic wonders if Clinton Hatred is Fueled by Dislike for Trump? Well, I disliked her plenty before Donald was on the political horizon. Scott Adams, of "Dilbert" Fame explains how opposing Clinton has affected his business:
This weekend I got “shadowbanned” on Twitter. It lasted until my followers noticed and protested. Shadowbanning prevents my followers from seeing my tweets and replies, but in a way that is not obvious until you do some digging.

Why did I get shadowbanned?

Beats me.

But it was probably because I asked people to tweet me examples of Clinton supporters being violent against peaceful Trump supporters in public. I got a lot of them. It was chilling.

Late last week my Twitter feed was invaded by an army of Clinton trolls (it’s a real thing) leaving sarcastic insults and not much else on my feed. There was an obvious similarity to them, meaning it was organized.
. . .
P.S. The one and only speaking gig I had on my calendar for the coming year cancelled yesterday because they decided to “go in a different direction.” I estimate my opportunity cost from speaking events alone to be around $1 million. That’s based on how the rate of offers went from several per month (for decades) to zero this year. Blogging about Trump is expensive.
Manbearpig alert: Hillary Taps 68-Year-Old Hysteria Monger Gore for Millennial Outreach. We make millennial jokes for a reason.

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