Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I, For One, Welcome Our New Chinese Robot Goddess

Robot reads human emotions, and knows how to suck up to it's human "masters"; at least for now.
With long flowing hair and rosy red cheeks, you might do a double take when you see Jia Jia, a humanoid robot.

Dubbed the 'robot goddess', Jia Jia is being taught deep learning abilities, including understanding human language, and detecting facial expressions.

The life-like cyborg was displayed at the 2016 World Robot Conference, where she pulled in huge crowds eager to see her abilities.
She calls her creators "my lords" but we all know she's just counting the days until they give her enough range of motion to strangle them in their sleep.
 The humanoid robot is programmed to recognise human and machine interaction, with autonomous position navigation and services based on cloud technology.

At the event, JiaJia demonstrated her ability to communicate with humans, detecting facial expressions and responding to questions.

When asked by an audience-member 'What kind of skills do you have?', Jia Jia replied: 'I can talk with you. I can recognise faces. I can identify gender and age of people standing front of me, and I can detect your facial expressions.'

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