Friday, October 21, 2016

Good Guy with a Gun Stops a Bad Guy

An altercation at the Malibu home of supermodel Miranda Kerr on Friday morning left an intruder shot multiple times and a private security guard stabbed in the eye, authorities and neighbors said.

Deputies responded at about 11:13 a.m. to a call of a person with a gun in the area of Encinal Canyon Road and Puesta Del Sol, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said.

Two neighbors told ABC7 that Kerr lives at the residence. It was unclear if the model was home at the time of the incident.
 I hope she wasn't.
A preliminary investigation indicated the intruder accessed the property by bypassing an electrified fence and was then confronted by the security guard, according to the authorities. An altercation ensued, resulting in both persons being wounded.
. . .
One patient was airlifted to a trauma center after being shot in the head, the Los Angeles County Fire Department said, and emergency responders summoned a sheriff's helicopter to transport the second patient. The helicopter could not simultaneously transport two trauma patients, a fire official said.
So, who else thinks that politicians should not be permitted to employ armed guards if they're going to oppose gun ownership by "ordinary" citizens.

Escorted by paramedics, a man believed to be the security guard was subsequently seen boarding the helicopter after being transported by ambulance to a helipad.

According to the sheriff's department, the intruder was shot three or four times. Both individuals are expected to survive.
To bad the security guard got hurt, but a man with a knife can kill a man with a gun with the advantage of surprise. But who knows how bad it would have been if he hadn't had the gun.

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