Sunday, October 30, 2016

Beach Report 10/30/16

For Oct. 30, the weather was unusually hot, peaking out around 75, under partly cloudy skies, and with a slight southwest wind, which barely stirred the water near the shore.
Skye had a bonus she found this naive young lab to loom over.
The Great Blue Heron was fishing off one of the groins,
While the peeps (Semipalmated Sandpipers) combed the beach for goodies on their way south.
Fossiling was pretty decent. I managed 15, including this small, but nearly perfect Hemipristis (Snaggletooth) lower tooth.

And this nearly matching Hemipristis upper tooth.

 I guess there was enough wind to fill his sails out away from the cliffs.
Fall is getting going, but is not well along here. The leaves are still thick on the trees, but most are still green, but there is some hint of color.

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