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They Wanted to Get Away With It at

It's nice when the news gives up a relatively distinctive bunch of stories, but not too many, with some new implications.

Clinton aide talked of needing to 'clean' up Obama's comments on email server
"We need to clean this up - he has emails from her - they do not say," said Clinton adviser Cheryl Mills in a hacked email posted Tuesday on WikiLeaks.

As the scandal over Clinton's use of a private email server was still emerging in March 2015, Obama told CBS News that he learned about the arrangement through the media. "The same time everybody else learned it through news reports," Obama told CBS News' Bill Plante.
Responses to this finding? Holy Crap! . HotAir on Team Hillary: “Clean up” on Aisle 1600 after POTUS denial on Hillary e-mail server
At the time, Podesta had left his position as Obama’s chief of staff three weeks earlier. Presumably, he still had the ability to advise Obama informally. Whether he did or not, Obama didn’t clean up his story for months — if at all. In October 2015 — seven months after Mills sent up the clean-up on Aisle 1600 flare — Obama categorically denied any knowledge of Hillary’s private server in an interview with CBS’ Steve Kroft. . .
 But privately, Hillary's Aides Privately Scoffed at Obama's Claims to Not Know About Hillary's Secret, Illegal Email System

Back to Politico, where Josh Earnst allows as how Obama kinda sorta didn't exactly tell the whole truth:
White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest later clarified that while the president knew about Clinton’s email address, he “was not aware of the details of how that email address and that server had been set up.”
Hillary's Team Answers Why Hillary Tried to Hide Her Secret Server Instead of Revealing it Long Before the Election: "Because They Wanted to Get Away With It" "You'd almost think they were discussing a federal crime or something." Clinton adviser: ‘They wanted to get away with it’ on private email setup
“This is a cheryl special. Know you love her, but this stuff is like her Achilles heal. [sic] Or kryptonite. she just can't say no to this shit. Why didn't they get this stuff out like 18 months ago? So crazy,” Tanden wrote.

“Unbelievable,” Podesta replies.

“I guess I know the answer. They wanted to get away with it,” Tanden said, urging that Clinton turn over the emails to the National Archives immediately.
“I highly recommend she start making some other positive news soon,” Tanden wrote, probably in reference to the NY Times story. Podesta’s reply is sarcastic, “Really? That’s great advice.” Even the Washington Post offers this Hillary friendly (of course) article WikiLeaks reveals fears and frustrations inside Clinton world.

Hitler learns of Hillary's email issues (of course):

Tech analysis of emails leaves us wondering how Donna Brazile is still working at the DNC. Because lying in the face of overwhelming evidence is a valuable political skill?

Wikileaks: Podesta Kept Up With Former Investment Firm Employer While at White House,  "As Obama's energy adviser, Clinton campaign chair met and corresponded with former colleagues seeking green energy 'gold rush'" Follow the money.
Under ethics rules governing the “revolving door” between government and the private sector, Podesta was barred from “participat[ing] in any particular matter involving specific parties that is directly and substantially related to [a] former employer or former clients” within two years of joining the administration.
But it isn't enough to skim money off the green movement, you must destroy all who cast doubt on the green money machine: Hacked emails reveal plan to counter Rupert Murdoch's climate denial.

Switching to Project Veritas, the Observer observes (no, not yet) Democratic Party Operative Robert Creamer Used Terror to Wage War on Honesty "Team Clinton appears to approve of violence and 'bird dogging' in WikiLeaks hack of Podesta emails." This is really the biggest scandal of the campaign so far. Direct, criminal suppression of opponents campaigns. Don't expect the "regular" media to make much of it.Election Law Expert: Hillary's Coordination With Outside Group Possibly Illegal O’Keefe: I don’t see how Hillary can deny violating election law. Well, she's a practiced liar, if not a very convincing one.

Hillary health watch:Accumulating evidence of brain damage. From 2015 Huma Abedin On Hillary: "She Is Still Not Perfect In Her Head" Like she ever was? Has she suffered a recent fall?

Hillary Has Abnormal Eye Movements, Say Majority of Doctors Surveyed, Reports AAPS
Videos are, however, circulating on the internet, from her rather brief and rare appearances in public, which are purported to show pathological eye movements.

"These are quick, episodic, and inconsistent," states Dr. Orient, who is an internist. "So we decided to ask doctors on our email list to have a look at one of the videos. A helpful tool is to paste the URL into and watch it at half or quarter speed."

Nearly two-thirds of respondents said they saw abnormal movements. Only 15% did not, and 21% were unsure. There are long segments in which the eye movements appear normal.

About 60% of those who saw abnormal movements thought "the cause could be a potentially disabling neurological condition," and none of them were willing to say that it isn't.

Such movements signify an abnormality in portions of the brain that coordinate the eye muscles. There is a long differential diagnosis. Possibilities the respondents suggested include increased intracranial pressure (she is at risk for that because of her history of head trauma and a transverse sinus clot); a drug effect; or a chronic degenerative neurological condition. Parkinson's disease is mentioned—with drug treatment concealing most manifestations but causing the eye signs.
The IRS Scandal, Day 1260: Cleta Mitchell — Use Of The IRS Against Republican Critics Likely Will Persist In A Clinton Administration. Why not? They did it before and got away with it without repercussions.

Jay Z will headline a concert for Hillary; Here are some of the vile things he’s rapped about women, But Donald Trump said "Pussy."
 (Bitch) Sisters get respect, bitches get what they deserve
Sisters work hard, bitches work your nerves
Sisters hold you down, bitches hold you up
Sisters help you progress, bitches will slow you up
Sisters cook up a meal, play their role with the kids
Bitches in street with their nose in your biz
Sisters tell the truth, bitches tell lies
Sisters drive cars, bitches wanna ride
Sisters give-up the ass, bitches give-up the ass
Sisters do it slow, bitches do it fast
Sisters do their dirt outside of where they live
Bitches have niggers all up in your crib
Sisters tell you quick “you better check your homie”
Bitches don’t give a fuck, they wanna check for your homie
Sisters love Jay cuz they know how ‘Hov is
I love my sisters, I don’t love no bitch
From Wombat-socho's  "In The Mailbox: 10.25.16," A Retired FBI Agent Addresses James Comey On The Hillary InvestigationWikileaks Unleashes Evidence Obama Lied About Hillary’s E-Mails,
Republicans Reporting Early Votes Being Changed To Clinton-Kaine, Michael Moore Voting For Trump?Might As Well Go All InE-Mail Shows Clinton Team Scrambling To “Clean Up” Fact That Obama Knew About, Communicated With Hillary On Private E-mail and lot of other non-Clinton links

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